Realistic Animatronic Dragon Model For Shopping Mall

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Price:$3,500.00 - $8,888.00
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Product Overview


Products Description

Simulation Dinosaur Bionic Dinosaur Machine Dinosaur Electric Dinosaur Simulation Bionic Animal Insect Plant Landscape Design and Production Our products integrate advanced technologies in many fields such as modern industrial design, machinery, motors, electronics, sensors, computer hardware, software and artificial intelligence. Our products include simulation dinosaurs, animals, insects, robots .. Based on the unearthed dinosaur fossils, combined with modern sound, light, electricity, mechanical transmission and other advanced technologies. Able to move eyes, mouth, head, hand, tail, belly breathing, walking, laying eggs, mounts, vocalization. Infrared induction start, microcomputer control action, sound. Its form, action, sound to achieve lifelike effect. This product is mainly used in museums, science parks, parks, tourist attractions, squares, shopping malls and other local exhibitions. It is ornamental, participatory and scientific.

Simulate the basic movements of a 4-foot landing creature: roar, head movement, neck movement, breathing, and tail swinging.
Simulate the basic movements of a bipedal landing creature: roar, head move, neck move, claw move, breath, and tail swing.
Simulation of basic movements of flying creatures: roar, head movement, neck movement, claws movement, breathing, wings movement.
Actions are optional: yelling, blinking, head left and right, head up and down, body down, body left and right, breathing, laying eggs, spraying smoke, spraying water, swinging tail
Voice optional: roar, anger, moan sound or customized according to customer requirements
Color optional: customary color or according to customer requirements
Power supply optional: 110/220V AC 50/60Hz
Material optional: metal steel frame motor sponge silicone rubber

Product Name
Animatronic Dinosaur
Life size or customized
Recommend or customized
High grade metal frame, high density sponge, CE certificated low voltage DC motor, hight-quality silicone, multi-function control box.
Normal Movements:
1.Mouth opening with sound
2.Eyes blinking
3.Head side to side
4.Wagging tail
5.Turning left and right
Customized Movements:
6.Neck up and down
7.Body moving up and down
9.Spraying water or smoke
10.Lighting eyes
1. Vivid Roaring and Breathing. 2.Customized other sound.
Infrared sensor / Remote control
110/220 VAC,50/60HZ
Euro plug / British Standard / SAA / C-UL / or depends on request
Plastic air bubble, Plywood case
EXW/FOB/CIF/Depends on Customers' Choice
Land/ Sea/ Air
Lead Time
5 Days/ Depend on the Quantity
All Hand Made
1)Amusement park, dinosaur park, zoo,
2)Science and technology museum,
3)Educational equipment, festival exhibition,
4)Outdoor or indoor equipment, theme park,
5)Shopping mall, square, playground equipment, ornament
12 months

Professional custom all kinds of simulation dinosaur model

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Hengshui Jingujin Brocade Lantern Art Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive scientific and technological production enterprise specializing in design, lantern festival, lantern, float, lantern show, lighting festival, landscape sculpture and other art projects, as well as simulation of animals, dinosaurs, glass fiber reinforced plastic sculpture products, fossil models, etc. We have many years of experience in foreign trade exports, our products have been sold to more than 80 countries and regions, with a professional sales team and after-sales team to ensure that we can provide the most timely and professional design services and solutions in the shortest possible time.
Since its establishment, our company has been adhering to the corporate belief of integrity, quality, service, and win-win, and strives to build a brand in the lantern industry, improve the quality of lanterns, and spread the lantern culture.

Packaging and transportation


1. What is the price for your product? The price of the animatronic dinosaurs will be in term of the specific request of client.
The price is varied by size, movements, colors, posture, skin colors, and skin patterns. The client tells us what dinosaur looks like and how it moves to interact with audience, and the price will be provided upon the completion of above required information.

2. What is your production period?
Depending on the actual request, 10-40 days.

3. Why do you spend a longer time in the production compared to other suppliers?
We are focusing on “quality” instead of “quantity”, and product in high quality needs more time.
The reasons are displayed:
(1) to order reliable and qualified pneumatic actuators and electrical actuators from our
suppliers, the parts are shipped overseas to China;
(2) to design the customized motions and posture of dinosaur in order to meet different needs of client;
(3) to spend enough time in welding and testing joints to ensure the quality and strength of the weld;
(4)will run the mechanical frames for 72 hours for mechanical and electrical checks and testing;
(5) to paint the skin colors and skin patterns of dinosaur strictly followed by the picture provided by the client; 6) to proceed reliability test upon the completion of the production for another 100 hours.

4. Will your dinosaur be capable of withstanding extreme weather conditions, such as frozen, hot?
Yes. In extreme weather conditions, the electronics inside the control enclosures are very possibly affected under subzero and hot weathers, so we have designed a thermostat in the control box, the device starts to make the built-in calorifier warm the entire controller while ambient temperature goes below 2°C and to stop working while the temperature reaches
5°C. Also, in order to prevent an overheat of controller under hot weather, the built-in mini fan can keep the system cool.

5. Is the sound for your dinosaurs synchronized to the mouth movements of the dinosaurs?
Yes. Through our particular design, the mouth

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