Литий ионная аккумуляторная батарея 18650 3,7 в 2200 мАч по оптовой цене

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≤ 47g
Nomial Capacity
2200mAh @0.2C5A(440mA)
Nomial Volatge
Nomial Volatge
Energy Density
≤ 60Ω (AC, 1000Hz)
Charging Cut-off Volatge
Discharging Cut-off Volatge
Standard Charging Current
Standard Discharging Current
Max.Constant Discharging Current
Max.Charging Current
Max.Discharging Current
Temperature Range For Storage
Less Than One Year :0~25°C
Less Than Three Months : -10~45°C
Transportation Volatge
≥ 3.5V
No Crack, Scratch, Distortion, Prominence, leakage, Etc.

Product Data

Ø Standard charging: at 25 ± 3 ℃, the current of 1C (1500mA) is charged to 2.7V at constant current, and then 2.7V at constant voltage until the charging current decreases to 0.05C (75mA);
Ø Standard discharge: constant current discharge of 1C (1500mA) to 1.5V at 25 ± 3 ℃;

Ø Charging: at 25 ± 3 ℃, 1C charging to 2.7V, constant voltage to 0.05C; Ø Discharge: discharge to 1.5V at 1C at different temperatures (discharge to 1.2V at - 40 ℃); ü Before each charging and discharging, at the current temperature, it shall be allowed to stand for at least 8 hours;

Discharge efficiency=discharge capacity at different temperatures and different times/discharge capacity at 25 ℃ 1C; Ø Charging: at 25 ℃, 1C charging to 2.7V, constant voltage to 0.05C;

Company Profile

Tianjin Plannano Energy Technology Co., Ltd.
A High-Tech Company, Focuses On The Research And Development, Manufacturing, Marketing And Technical Service Of Graphene-Based Materials And Their Applications IN Clean Energy. Based On Excellent Technical Service And Support, Plannano IS Aimed To Supply a Complete Solution To Green-Energy Storage And Products IN Power System For The Clients.Together With Research Labs At Nankai University, Plannano Owns High-Standard Test Instruments, A Top-Class Technical And Management Team.With More Than 50 Patents IN Preparation And Application OF Graphene-Based Material, Plannano Has Completed The Building OF The Production Lines For The Material And Products And Successfully Developed And Mass-Produced Such Products AS Graphene, LTO, Si/C Material, Super Capacitor Cells Ranging From 0.1F to 3000F, 16V500F/48V165F Super Capacitor Modules, LTO Battery Cells And Modules Ranging From 20Ah to 500Ah. The Main Products Can Be Widely Applied To New-Energy Vehicles, Rail Transportation, Smart Grid, Micro Grid, Military Industry, Engineering Machinery, Industrial Energysaving And Other Fields.Plannano Always Does its Utmost To Make The Clients Satisfied, Treats Credibility And Integrity AS its Foundation. Based On The Newest Achievements in Science And Technologies.

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Are You A Factory
OF Course, We Are From The Original Factory. We Are Set Appearance Design, Research And Development, Production, Assembly, Sales As One OF The Manufacturers

How Do You Provide Warranty
If There IS A Problem During The Warranty Period And IN The Case OF Proper Use, We Will Provide New Parts Free OF Charge And Guide Replacement. If The Feedback Cannot Be Repaired, We Will Replace The New Products At No Cost.

Can We Put Different LiFePO4 Battery Pack in Parallel OR Series By Ourselves?
Yes. Customers Can Connect The Battery In Parallel OR Series. But There Are A Few Things To Keep In Mind:
1.Before Connecting Batteries in Parallel, Make Sure Their Voltage/Capacity is The Same. If They Are Not The Same, Charge Them At The Same Rate.
2. Never Connect A Used And A New Battery In Parallel. This May Reduce The Capacity OF The Entire Battery Pack.
3. If You Want To Connect Them In Series, Please Tell US The Total Capacity OF The Pack. We Will Select The Appropriate BMS For Each Battery.
4. If You Are Not Experienced With Parallel And Series Batteries, Please Do Not Handle The Battery On Your Own. It May Be Dangerous And Shorten The Battery's Cycle Life.

How Do We Maintain The Health Of LFP Battery?
For LFP, No More Maintainance Is Needed, For That BMS Can Keep It Safe By Monitoring The Battery Status. While There Are Still Several Important Things To Notice: Preference Temperature(4-35℃). That The Temperature IS Too High OR Too Low Will Cause A Positive Impact ON Battery Life. Appropriate Frequency. Only By Using It Frequently Can LFP Battery Show The Best Performance. If You Might Use it A Little Less Often, it’s Advisable To Achieve A Complete Charge And Discharge Monthly. Avoid Being Mixed With Metal In Case That The Metal IS in Contact With Electrodes. If Severe, it Will Cause A Short Circuit Accident. Appropriate Surroundings. The LFP Battery Should Be Placed in A Clean, Dry And Ventilated Environment, Avoid Contact With Corrosive Substances, And Keep Away From Fire And Heat Sources

How Do We Make A Profit After Installing ESS?
Initially, ESS Installation Might Make You Pay A Premium. While IN The Long Term, There Is No Doubt That You Return Can Offset Costs. For The Family Unit, Home Storage Can Reduce The Cost OF Electricity By Increasing The Proportion Of Self-Generated And Self-Consumption, Participating IN Auxiliary Services, etc., And at The Same Time, it Can Be Used as AN Emergency Backup Power Supply in The Face Of Major Disasters And Other Factors That Lead To The Middle End Of The Grid Power, Improving The Reliability Of Home Power Supply. For The Grid Group, The Rapid Increase IN The Proportion Of VRE (Volatile Renewable Energy) Will Further Widen The Difference Between The Power Generation Curve And The Power Consumption Curve. Configuring Energy Storage Can Transfer Power In Time To Help The Grid Balance Power Generation Capacity And Power Demand. Take Home Storage as AN Example, The Graph Below IS Economic Calculation of Major Home Reserve Countries IN The World.

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