SND1525H 1500 Lbs Snowmobile Dolly

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Product Overview


Feature and Specification:

Ideal for moving snowmobiles and snowplows from driveway to storage area;
Heavy duty steel with rust resistant powder-coated finish;
Rubberized platforms fit and protect all sizes of skis;
Sturdy, adjustable, nylon tie-down straps;
Two 8 inch x 10 inch (200mmx 255mm) steel dollies grooved to fit under skis;
One 7inch x 7 inch (180mm x180mm) dolly for under the rear track
3 roller units make a stored snowmobile easy to move;
Set of 3 roller dollies carries up to 1500 pounds (682kgs);
High quality 2.5"  PVC swivel casters allow for easy 360 turning radius;


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Company Information

Roxxtek Industrial was established in March 2012 as an OEM exporter of power equipment.
Initially emphasis was placed on power tool accessories where quality was stable.
Sales however quickly expanded to other tools & equipments
All products are designed and produced by our own facilities with stable
and reliable quality and management who displayed a high level of business ethics.

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* We have own QC dept, with strict standardized inspection requests

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