Alumina Ceramic Precision Lapping And Polishing Machine (1600790489940)

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Price:$12,000.00 - $15,500.00
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Product Overview


Product Description

Main applications:
Widely used in LED sapphire substrate, optical glass wafers, quartz wafers, silicon wafers, sheets, molds, light guide plate, light plate joint valve, hydraulic tight, stainless steel, and other materials of single-side grinding, polishing.


Standard Specification
Machine Model
Plate Diameter
Max. Workpiece Diameter
(without conditioning ring)
Φ180 mm
Φ220 mm
Φ270 mm
Conditioning Ring Diameter
Φ180 mm
Φ220 mm
Φ270 mm
Number of Station
Plate Rotate Speed
0-140 rpm
0-140 rpm
0-140 rpm
Facing & Grooving Speed
(Not include in Polishing)
0-120 mm/m
0-120 mm/m
0-120 mm/m
0-120 mm/m
Total Weight
450 kg
780 kg
1000 kg
2000 kg
Total Floor Space
670×940 mm
1030×730 mm
1920×840 mm
2100×1300 mm

Built-In Optional Kits
Touch-Screen PLC
Pressure Source
Hand Weight Block
Pneumatic Weight Block
Pneumatic Press
Integrated with PLC
Slurry Supply System
Digital, Manual
Cylinder Bar Drive System
Integrated with PLC
Conditioning Ring Drive System
Integrated with PLC
Machine Enclosure
Framed by Aluminum Alloy
Framed by Metal Plate
*NOTE: the optional kits based on the production requirements, making samples can confirm if they are necessary.


Equipment features:
This equipment is single-side precision grinding equipment, using advanced machinery,
Structure and a variety of advanced control aspects, grinding processing efficiency is high, running Stable.
The whole machine adopts PLC+ touch screen control system, equipment parameter setting, And the operation is simple and convenient, the system running stability is high.
The main motor adopts frequency conversion speed control to realize soft start and stop of the host
Machine, reduce the impact of equipment operation, reduce workpiece damage. Workpiece grinding pressure using cylinder pressure, through the electric proportional valve Control to achieve closed-loop control of pressure, ensure high pressure accuracy and Stability.
The upper press plate adopts the main drive mode (optional) to ensure the grinding speed of the product Under the premise of rate, ensure the uniformity of grinding processing at each station. Grinding disc and upper pressure disc are provided with cooling water cooling function, in the assurance.
The grinding fluid achieves maximum efficiency to reduce the deformation of the grinding disk surface.
The equipment comes with a disk surface repair machine, the disk surface can be repaired after 0.01MM
The flatness of the repair plate.

Successful Cases

Valve Plate 304 stainless steel

Wafer Substrate sillicon

About the Company

Factory front desk
Ponda is a high-tech enterprise specializing in all kinds of high precision grinding equipment, polishing equipment and its
supporting products and consumable materials
Factory appearance
The factory was established in 2007, with an area of about 13,000 square meters
Technical team and sales team
The company has a professional and high-quality research and development and management team of 15 people, domestic and foreign
sales staff of 10 people

Production and assembly shop
We have a production workshop and testing equipment, assembly workers and mechanical design engineers
45 people

Patent and Certification

Patent certificate for utility model
Management system certificate
Patent certificate for utility model


Q1: Which machine is most applicable for my product?
A: It usually depends on 5 requirements and parameters of your product: flatness, roughness, thickness,

dimension, productivity:
1. If better flatness and roughness were required, you might need both lapping and polishing machine.
2. If to thin the product in a big margin, such as 500μm, you might need a thinner machine for extra.
3. If the productivity were excessive, you might need larger machine or to expand production line.
Additionally, we can confirm the production line as we make samples for you.

Q2: Does Ponda charge for making samples
A: No, it's free to make samples.

Q3: Is Ponda trader or manufacturer?
A: We are manufacturer, certified
Q4: How long does it take machine to deliver?
A: Approximately 15 days to deliver. If the machine are out of stock, we need 15 days more to manufacture.
Q5: Does Ponda provide oversea setup and after-sale service?
A: Yes, we provide oversea service and online tutorial.
Q6: How many type of machine does Ponda manufacture?
A: We have 21 major series of machines, 5 different types run in different principles, more than 15 types of plates, 100 types of slurries.

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