YL10.2 high hardness dia.1.48*19.6mm tungsten carbide solid roland graver for computer lettering machine tool

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YL10.2 high hardness dia.1.48*19.6mm tungsten carbide solid roland graver for computer lettering machine tool


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1. Grade: YL10.2  10% Co,90% WC , Density 14.45g/cm3, Hardness 91.8HRa
2. YG8,YG6,YG10,YG15,YG20,YG25,YL10.2,YS2T,YG6X,YGR60 ,YGR55,YGR50 etc all kinds of grades for your choose.
3. Can product customize drawing,sizes and shape.


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Grade specifications



Density  g/cm3T.R.S  Mpa Hardness   HRAPerformance & application recommended
YG1114.4242088.5Forming or stamping dies for metal powders and nonmetal powders.
YG1514.0300087.0It is suitable for drawing steel tubes amd rods under high compression ratio,manufacturing upsetting,punching and stamping tools under large stress.
YG2013.5280085.5It is suitable for manufacturing punching dies for watch parts,leaf spring of musical instruments,battery jars,small sizes steel balls,screws,screws caps.etc.
YG16C13.9275085.0It is suitable for impact-resistant forging dies.
YG18C13.7280084.0It is suitable for impact-resistant forging dies,hot-forging dies and finishing rollers.
YG20C13.5285083.0It is suitable for wear resistant or impact resistant dies.
YG22C13.3290082.0It is suitable for nut forming dies and high impact-resistant dies.
YG25C13.1295081.5It is suitable for stainless screw dies and semifinishing rollers.





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our factory specializes in manufacturing a series of Tungsten Carbide products.such as:

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Tire studs

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tunsgten Carbide Wear-Parts

tungsten carbide circular cutter

alloy welding material,etc. 


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