FRP extruded flat plate

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FRP pultruded cover is assembled from pultruded FRP profiles, and is widely used in working platforms, equipment platforms, stair treads, trench covers, trestle walkways, etc. in industries such as automobiles, trucks, petroleum, chemical, electric power, and electroplating. It is an ideal replacement product for traditional metal grilles in corrosive environments.

FRP cover plate has excellent characteristics such as corrosion resistance and flame retardant, strong and non-slip, light weight, easy installation, maintenance-free, and insulation.

1. Strong corrosion resistance: This product is made of acid, alkali and corrosion-resistant resin as the basic material. It adopts excellent curing formula and advanced curing process. According to the condition and shape of each sewage pool, a specific mold is determined as the forming outer mold Curing and forming.

2. Low cost and long service life: Compared with other sewage tank deodorization solutions, it has low cost, simple installation and construction, and long service life.

3. Lightweight, high-strength, and easy to install: the specific gravity of the FRP hood is only 1/3 to 1/4 of that of steel products, with high curing degree, heavy load, and high strength. It is suitable for large-span pools, and the cover can be separated It is several small pieces, which is convenient for transportation and installation.

4. Beautiful and anti-aging: The appearance of this product is made of anti-aging, weather-resistant, and anti-ultraviolet gel coat resin. The surface is smooth, beautiful, bright in color, and has a service life of more than 20 years.

5. Low operation and maintenance costs and convenient maintenance: because this product has high corrosion resistance and aging resistance, it does not need to be regularly repaired like metal products.

In the past, most automobile manufacturers used iron plates or alloy plates to make carriages, but since FRP materials can be used universally, everyone has started to use FRP plates. Then why choose fiberglass material? FRP, also known as fiber-reinforced composite plastic, is made of glass fiber and unsaturated resin as the main raw materials, combined with different fillers and films, and made by continuous molding process. The quality of the FRP machine-made board is stable, and the board surface is smooth and shiny. The price is relatively cheap, making it the best choice for various car manufacturers

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