Separated Clear Empty Vegetarian hard Capsules shell size 0

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Product Overview



  What is the details of our gelatin empty capsule ?                

1. Select a-grade raw materials capsule gelatin.

2. Capsule insision is smooth to prevent the powder leaking out.

3. In general type is pre-closed. separated capsule can be provided.

4. The cap and body by the combined two piece of hard quality and flexibility of the space capsule.

5. Be smooth, uniform color, smooth incision, no deformation and strange smell.

6. Color:Transparent or clear, translucent,opaque.

7. Different colors are available: as customers' request.

8. Size 00, 0, 0el,1 , 2 , 3 , 4, 5.

9. Halal,ISO,COA certificate.

10. Patent of empty capsule.

11. Printing or unprinted.

12. Status of capsule: 3 years.

Other kind of empty capsules we produce:                              

1) Hard gelatin capsule shells

2) HPMC vegetarian capsules

3) Pullulan vegetarian capsules

4) Enteric coated capsules

5) Pearl color capsules

6) Halal certified capsules

  Gelatin Empty Enteric Coated Capsule  


Product Photos--empty hard gelatin Capsules:    


vegetable capsulesclear capsules


Production Flow

What is the production flow of our Empty Capsules ?

capsule process .jpg


Printing service

Printing Service:                                                                          

printed empty capsule.jpg

Packaging & Shipping

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The Capsules should be transported by Refrigerator Container, protected from pressure, sunshine, moisture and heat.



Sealed, avoid direct sunlight;temp:15-25°c, humidity35-65%.

1.Safe packaging:Packed in 5-ply corrugated carton with poly-bag and aluminium bag, lined with styrofoam board in all 6 sides .

2.Customize packaging:According to the guest's needs . Normal 60000-100000 pcs per box according to capsule size and quantity.




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why choose

Why Choose Humanwell Capsule?                                         




Q1:How long is your company ?
Till now, our history has been more than 15 years.
Q2:What capsule do you supply ?
We can supply gastric soluble,colored,transparent clear,translucent,opaque halal,empty gelatin capsules.
Q3:What size do you make ?
Size of 00,0el,0,1,2,3,4,5




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