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-Abundent experience-

Since 2003, cooperating with a mass of hotel,

our quality is undisputed & stable.




-Standby always-

We are mainly focus on international business.

We have excellent after-sales service

with a big team and professional attitude to serve customers.




Model Number


Net Capacity


Cooling Capacity



220-240V / 50Hz or 110-120V / 60Hz

Input Power


Unit Dimension(W*D*H)


Packing Dimension(W*D*H)


Net/Gross Weight

15.6kg / 16.9kg

Loading Capacity

220units/ 20' 480 units/ 40'  480 units/ 40'HQ


Lock & key , sliding hinge, glass door





1.Cold fast and low noise, with muty technology.

2.Manual-defrost,keep clean always.

3.Environmental friendly.

4.Ajustable thermostat for ideal temperature control, LED light. 

5.Most optional accessories with over 16 years OEM&Custom experience. 




* Optional Multi-type shelf

* Optional Thermostat equipment

* Optional lock&key


-Serialized product-


Not worry about unstable quality caused by frequent change of suppliers.

We have been sold fridge to the North America, Europe, Australia, Japan, Russia, etc.   



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-Profertional Custom&OEM - 


If you have excellent individuation design and hope to make it ture.

Here we can produce them for you!



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Q: Why so hot on both sides or on the door frame of the refrigerator?

A: This phenomenon is not a malfunction,Because the condenser pipes on both sides of the refrigerator, when the refrigerator starts running, the compressor discharges high temperature and high pressure refrigerant through the condenser then releases the heat to the outside, you'll feel hot on both sides or on the door frame if any, and if the refrigerator is placed in the environment not well-ventilated, it will cause poor cooling effect. This is not a malfunction.


Q: Why there are mist or dew on the glass door surface of Refrigerator/Wine?

A:  Mist/dew on the surface of glass door is a normal phenomenon.

If there is a temperature difference between inside and outside, especially in summer indoor temperature and high relative humidity conditions, the glass door and the ambient temperature there is a big temperature difference, then the vapor in the air will be condensed on the glass surface to dew, this is normal phenomenon. Just as in the winter driving, the windows not opened or without running the air- conditioner, there will be mist phenomenon.

Please it off regularly with a dry rag when you are free.


Q: Why the refrigerator can't work?

A:  If the refrigerator can't start working, mainly to check the following points:

(1) Check the plug or power socket is no problem;

(2) Whether the thermostat is in "0" position;

(3)  When the ambient temperature is below 10 degrees Celsius, the thermostat is set in the lower position and the temperature compensation switch is set to the "OFF" position.


Q: How to make the right setting on the thermostat?

A:  With the thermostat setting points from 0-7 (or 0-5) , the cooling capacity is strengthened gradually, if at the same ambient temperature, the greater setting, the lower temperature inside , likewise, the smaller number, the higher temperature inside.

Under normal circumstances, in winter temperature is low, close to the refrigerator shutdown temperature, it should be set to 4-5 position; in summer hot temperature, close to the start temperature, easily to cause non-stop, it should be set to 1-3 position.


Q: The reasons cause the refrigerator non-stop?

A:  1) Under normal circumstances, the unit won't stop running after too much food are placed into the refrigerator, due to too much food it is impossible to stop in a short time, it is beyond the refrigerator's cooling capacity limit, in this case you should remove some of the food, which is not a malfunction.

  2) The thermostat point is set to wrong position, or the user set it to the  highest position accidentally, such as "6" or "7" points, this is the long running position or non-stop position, please pay attention to avoid the refrigerator for long working it'll cause overheat and breakdown.  Please turn it back to the "3" point (normal mid position).


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