Film grade EVOH Granules High Quality Clear Transparent Resin KURARAY E105B,F171B,F101 (1600796600462)

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Product Description

Film grade EVOH Granules High Quality Clear Transparent Resin KURARAY E105B,F171B,F101

Product Description:

EVOH Ethylene vinyl alcohol copolymer Vinyl polymer processability and vinyl alcohol polymer barrier for the combination of ethylene/vinyl alcohol copolymer not only show the excellent processing performance, but also for gas, smell, flavor, such as solvent presents excellent blocking effect.Because with ethylene and thermal stability, containing EVOH barrier layer of multilayer vessel is completely can be reused.

EVOH has been the most used material of high barrier property. The material of film type besides non stretch, and two-way stretch type, aluminum evaporation, glue coating, etc., two-way stretch type and heat type used in aseptic packaging products.

EVOH barrier performance depends on the content of ethylene in general when ethylene content, gas barrier property to drop, but easy to processing.

EVOH is found to be gas has excellent barrier property and excellent workability, and transparency, gloss, mechanical strength,scalability, abrasion resistance, cold resistance and surface strength are all very excellent.
Made in the field of packaging, EVOH composite membrane intermediate blocking layer, application of all the hard and soft packaging; In the food industry for aseptic packaging, hot pot and cooking bags, packaging products, canned meat, fruit juice and spices; In terms of the food, for packaging solvents, chemicals, air conditioning structure, petrol tank lining, electronic components, etc. In terms of food packaging, plastic containers of EVOH can completely replace the glass and metal containers, many domestic aquaculture companies export seafood using PE/EVOH/PA/EVOH/PE five layer extrusion film vacuum packing. In research at the same time, accelerate the EVOH composite film abroad in the study of EVOH stretch orientation, new type of EVOH film of gas blocking performance for existing high-performance non stretch EVOH film three times.

EVOH also can be used as a barrier material in other synthetic resin coated packaging materials, enhance the blocking performance.
EVOH products can not only use film production, can also be a large number of flexible packaging used in cosmetics, floor heating pipes, jelly cup and pesticide bottles, EVOH as a non-toxic and environmentally friendly material, not only can improve the quality of people's lives, also play an important role for environmental protection.


EVAL F171B(32 mol% Ethylene-Vinyl Alcohol Copolymer)
Typical Properties
Test Method
ISO1133 (190°C)
10³ kg/m³
Thermal Properties
Test Method
Melting Temperature
°C (°F)
ISO 11357
183 (361)
Crystalization Temperature
°C (°F)
ISO 11357
158 (316)
Glass Transition Point
°C (°F)
ISO 11357
60 (140)
Vicat Softening Point
°C (°F)
ISO 306
172 (342)
Mechanical Properties
Test Method
Tensile stress at break
MPa (psi)
ISO 527
34 (4,900)
Elongation at break
ISO 527
Young's Modulus
GPa (psi)
ISO 527
4.5 (650,000)
Flexural Modulus
GPa (psi)
ISO 178
4.3 (620,000)
Charpy Impact Strength
kJ/m² (ft.lbf/in2)
ISO 179-1
7 (3.3)
Rockwell Hardness
ISO 2039-2
Barrier Properties (cast film)
Test Method
Oxygen Transmission Rate
ISO 14663-2 Annex C
0.3 (0.015)

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