TPU polyurethane regenerated particles wear resistant injection molding TPU black rubber compound (1600797418382)

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Introduction of hot melt adhesive TPU particles

It is a kind of adhesive material, which has the characteristics of good wear resistance, high toughness and excellent anti-sticking performance. Used for bonding two same or different materials, excellent adhesion; Low viscosity; Good bending flexibility; Excellent wear resistance; High gloss; Excellent weather resistance. It can be bonded with all kinds of fabrics and plastics (it can be bonded by hot pressing, melting point is 80-120 degrees), brand: 385A, hardness: 85A, transparent TPU material, polyether type, particles seem opaque, but the product color is transparent after dissolving acetone.

Hot melt adhesive TPU solvent dissolution: ketone solvent.

Usage of TPU Polyurethane hot melt adhesive powder can be evenly sprayed on the surface of the substrate by powder-point, slurry-point or sprinkling process, and then bonded, heated and pressurized according to the set process.

Use of hot melt adhesive TPU particles:

TPU hot melt adhesive has a wide range of applications, known as all-purpose adhesive. It is widely used in ink, reflective material, hot melt adhesive film, water stop tape, hot stamping, shoe materials, fire hose, medical packaging, textile compounding, auto parts, rubber roller (wheel), cable sheath and other fields, including all kinds of shoe materials ink, screen printing ink, coating paste and so on. Can be used as glue, adhesive, used for coating



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