Brightcolor Private Label Natural Tattoo Machine Ink Permanent Make Up Pigment For Microblading (1600797641940)

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Product Overview



PMU Pigments150.5VERMEILImport from the USAYESYESYES
PMU Pigments150.5PINKImport from the USAYESYESYES
PMU Pigments150.5CARMATIONImport from the USAYESYESYES
PMU Pigments150.5BLACKImport from the USAYESYESYES
PMU Pigments150.5RUFOUSImport from the USAYESYESYES
PMU Pigments150.5YELLOW BROWNImport from the USAYESYESYES
PMU Pigments150.5GRAYISH BROWNImport from the USAYESYESYES
PMU Pigments150.5BLACK COFFEEImport from the USAYESYESYES
PMU Pigments150.5GREEN COFFEEImport from the USAYESYESYES
PMU Pigments150.5LIGHT COFFEEImport from the USAYESYESYES
PMU Pigments150.5DARK COFFEEImport from the USAYESYESYES
PMU Pigments150.5GOLDENImport from the USAYESYESYES
PMU Pigments150.5ORANGEImport from the USAYESYESYES
PMU Pigments150.5ROSEImport from the USAYESYESYES
PMU Pigments150.5DARK GREYImport from the USAYESYESYES
PMU Pigments150.5RUBYImport from the USAYESYESYES
PMU Pigments150.5BROWN COFFEEImport from the USAYESYESYES
PMU Pigments150.5PURE REDImport from the USAYESYESYES
PMU Pigments150.5MILK GREYImport from the USAYESYESYES


Product Description

Brightcolor permanent makeup pigments use raw materials imported from the United States, and can provide versions that conform to the EU reach.

Brightcolor has nearly 100 colors, and we have selected 20 of the most commonly used colors for customers to better choose.

If customers need more colors, please provide us with color swatches, and we will provide them in time.

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Company Information


Foshan Brightcolorink Biotechnology Co., Ltd is a comprehensive enterprise specializing in research and development, design and production of permanent makeup & microblading products.


We are different from some traditional order-taking production enterprises. Relying on our excellent R&D capability and professional production qualification in the field of cosmetics and biotechnology, we actively join our customers' development team and participate in product development, validation, testing and finalization together with them. As a result, we have a better understanding of the end-customer's practices and practical needs, and are able to offer more reasonable suggestions from a production perspective, often with creative and revolutionary inspirations. At the same time, we always consider our customers as long-term partners and keep their business secrets. Our professionalism and loyalty have earned us the recognition and trust of many famous brands.


Our company has passed the ISO9001:2015 quality management system and the relevant pigments have also passed the REACH test. We are very familiar with the relevant EU regulatory requirements for permanent makeup & microblading pigments and can assist European customers to quickly develop permanent makeup & microblading pigments that meet the latest EU requirements.


Our company is located in Foshan City, China, with convenient transportation and cheap logistics cost. Our factory area is 5000 square meters, including 3000 square meters of production area and 1000 square meters of test and R&D place. The company introduces international advanced technology and production equipment, and has a number of new and efficient production equipment, packaging equipment, test equipment, testing equipment and inspection equipment. The products include permanent makeup & microblading pigments, machines, power supplies, needles, before care and aftercare products, accessories, etc.


We have provided high QC OEM/ODM services for many famous permanent makeup & microblading brands worldwide. With our excellent R&D team and industry-leading advanced technology, we strive to be the preferred supplier for global permanent makeup & microblading brands.


All the scenes and equipment in the corporate promotional video are filmed on site, and we welcome our customers to come to our factory for on-site inspection.


Packaging & Shipping

 The box can packaging 12 bottles and you can choose any colors you want.


Most colors are ready to ship. 


Considering that some countries have special requirements for permanent makeup pigments, we need to confirm some details with customers before arranging shipment.


Q: Are your pigments organic or inorganic?

A: In addition to black and white, our colors are applicable to organic pigments, because organic pigments are safer and have richer color differences. However, if customers have special requirements, we can also provide inorganic pigments.


Q:I want to customize the color. What is the minimum order quantity?

A.We can provide customized services when each color reaches 100 pcs.


Q:Is pure plant pigment safer?

A:Pure plants have very little color selectivity, and plants grown in polluted environment will also contain dangerous ingredients. Just as traditional Chinese medicine is difficult to be scientifically defined, the safety components of many plants cannot be determined.


Q:How to ensure your color is safe?

A:The EU Reach Act stipulates that more than 200 dangerous ingredients are not allowed to be contained. We have tested them with reference to these standards. We have ensured the safety of our products as much as possible.


Q:What is the difference between your pigments and those of other suppliers?

1. Our raw materials are imported from the United States. We can provide relevant import reports.
2. Our paint is easy to coloring and we have rich colors for choose.
3. Our production is in a clean workshop. Different from the false propaganda of some suppliers, our videos are actually shot by the factory. We welcome customers to visit the factory.
4. We have passed the ISO management system.
5. We have the cosmetics production qualification, which is difficult to obtain in China. Only a real factory can be qualified to obtain the cosmetics production license.

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