Lipstick breaking force tester cosmetic hardness testing machine eyebrow pencil break tester versatile (1600797791633)

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Product Overview


Technical indicators

Maximum test force

20N (customizable according to customer requirements)

Range of this testing machine

0~20N  (Scalable)

Test force accuracy


Indication resolution

0.01N accuracy is better than other products

Test itinerary

100mm (adjustable)

Speed range

1-300mm/min  (adjustable)

data acquisition card

Maximum 2500 samples/second, equipped

with 232 communication interface

Testing machine size


power supply





GZT  Lipstick hardness tester •Lipstick breaking instrument (Lipstick lipstick breaking hardness tester. Paste soap hardness tester)


GZT Lipstick lipstick break hardness tester. Paste soap hardness tester. It is one of the instruments for detecting the hardness of paste gluten body. It can measure the breaking hardness of an object of a certain length. It can be applied to pencil leads or lipstick paste to test its hardness. The instrument adopts a large LCD screen display. Choose a high-quality stepper motor as the driver. The speed can be infinitely adjusted. It is a domestic advanced high-end product. Comply with national standard QB/T1977-2004. ISO American Standard. European standard.



the cognition and technical characteristics of the operating parts of GZT lipstick breaking hardness tester.

♦The display adopts high-quality large-screen LCD display, and the display number of digits is multi-digit to 0.01N, and the accuracy is better than other products.

The speed of this machine can be adjusted arbitrarily on the governor. When using, care should be taken to test at low speed.

The control part is divided into the total power supply part and the comprehensive function part. The power supply part means that when the operator of the testing machine finds that any operation or testing machine is faulty, the emergency stop button or switch the key. The testing machine stops working to ensure safety.

The travel speed during the comprehensive breaking test can be adjusted arbitrarily, and it has the function of long-term holding of the breaking hardness.

Lipstick breaking hardness tester_lipstick breaking force tester can be equipped with computer and professional computer software operating system, convenient for users to connect to the computer for data saving, curve analysis, printing, convenient for customers in need.(choose)

Imported sensor system, high test accuracy, effectively ensure the accuracy of test results

Compact, exquisite and humanized structure design

The speed of the lead screw drive system can be adjusted at will to ensure the accuracy of test speed and displacement

Equipped with a micro-printer to quickly print experimental results

Professional humanized fixture, can be replaced arbitrarily suitable for different size specimens

Intelligent configuration such as limit protection and automatic return to ensure the safety of users' operations

 Four, after-sales services: one year warranty, lifetime maintenance.













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