Мини Sd карта памяти ALUNX, класс 10, Tf карта, чехол для телефона на Android, 2 ГБ, 4 ГБ, 8 ГБ, 16 ГБ, 32 ГБ, 64 ГБ, 128 ГБ, 256 ГБ для Samsung, оригинальная упаковка (1600799821647)

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Product Overview


Product features:
1. Product implication: hope for world peace and a happy life for people around the world.
2. TF card is a high-speed CLASS-10 U1 level, stable data transmission, specially designed for mobile phones, cameras, UAVs and
other devices with TF card slots.
3. Service life:>1 million times.
4. Plug and play without external power supply.
5. Solid state storage, high-speed 3.0 device.
6. Write speed: 10Mb/s-20Mb/s, read speed: 20Mb/s-40Mb/s. The performance rate depends on the different operating systems
available and the various flash memory used, so the speed may vary.
1. Level: CLASS-10/U1/A1.
2. Net weight: 5g.
3. Size: 15 * 11 * 1mm.
4. Capacity: 16GB/32GB/64GB/128GB/256GB/512GB.
5. Color: black
6. Support system: Xiaomi, Huawei, Samsung, a mobile phone and other devices with TF card slots.
7. Compatible with 96% of devices with TF card slots on the market.
8. Package: 1 * TF card (with original retail package)
About Actual Capacity
The capacity flash memory products are usually shipped according to the calculation method of 1MB=1000KB, 1G=1000MB, but the
operating system using binary arithmetic 1MB=1024KB, 1GB=1024MB, so there are some differences between the memory products that
display the capacity and the standard capacity.
16GB=about 14GB-15GB
32GB=about 28GB-30GB
64GB=about 58GB-60GB
128GB=about 110GB-120GB
256GB=about 230GB-240GB
512GB=about 455GB-465GB
This is the calculation difference between the manufacturer and your computer, please search "Flash drive capacity" for more

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