Broiler chicken feed additives galactosidase enzyme

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Product Overview


Broiler chicken feed additives galactosidase enzyme

Product Description



Xylan is contained commonly in a variety of feed materials. wheat,rye and rye-wheat contain a lot of Water-soluble arabinoxylan , corn, soybean meal, wheat bran, rice bran and miscellaneous meal also contain lots of xylan.


Anti-nutritional functions of xylan

Form a high viscosity in the intestinal tract so as to prevent digestive juice from chyme full hybrid, so as to prevent digestive absorption of the protein and fat, reduce feed conversion.


Definition of content

One unit of xylanase activity is defined as the amount of enzyme that liberates 1 micromole of reducing sugar per minute from 5.0 mg/mL of xylan at pH5.5 and 37 degrees centigrade



(1)  Degrade xylan, reduce the viscosity of chime in intestinal tract.

(2)  Breaking down the structure of cell walls and eliminate the anti-nutritional factors, thus improve the digestion efficiency of nutrient substance.

(3) Improve metabolizable energy of feedstuff, lower the cost of feed and improve the quality of feedstuff.

(4) Eliminate inhibition of xylan to endogenous enzyme, prevent compensatory hypertrophy of digestive organ.

(5) Generate a large number of xylo-oligosaccharides, improve the intestinal microflora, to benefit animal health.




5,000 U/g~20,000 U/g


White powder

Loss on drying



25KG/ bag


Stored for 12 months under 25ºC in a dry, shady and cool place



Recommended dosage in complete feed of xylanase with 10000 U/g


Dosage (g/t)

Dosage (U/Kg wheat)

Wheat substitute for corn(%)



















  Physico-chemical properties                        




1. A serine endo-proteinase, it can hydrolysis the macro-molecule protein into polypeptide and amino acid.


2.The activity of alkaline protease is activated easily by metal ion Ca2+, Mg2+, Zn2+, Fe2+, it is Insensitive to EDTA, heavy metal and Sulfhydryl Reagents,


3.Activity center includes serine, so the reagent acting on serine e.g sulfonyl halide can make alkaline protease inactivation.



Product Uses


Applications (Adjustable according to experiment results)

1. For leather processing, it can shorten processing time, simplify working procedure and improve product quality. Recommended dosage of 100000 U/g protease is 0.02-0.1%, 20-25°C, 12-20h for retting process; 0.05-0.2%, 35-38°C, 3-6h for leather soften; 0.1-0.3%, 20-35°C, 12-20h for leather depilation.

2. For silk degumming, it may make silk lint-free and fluffy without damaging silk. After pretreatment, the recommended dosage of 100000 U/g protease is 0.8-2.4% pH9-11, 40-50°C, 30-60min.

3. For chondroitin production, it can improve yield and purity, after extracting alkali, recommended dosage of 100000 U/g protease is 0.2-0.6%, pH8-10, 40-50°C, 4-8h.

4. For heparin sodium production, it can increase uniformity of molecule and purity, after salt solution, recommended dosage of 100000 U/g protease is 2-4g per small intestine,pH9-11, 45-60°C, 4-6h.

5. For detergent production, it can remove the stains of sweat, blood, protein and milk, and get a unique detergent effect. Recommended dosage is 0.2-1.0%




Production process

protease enzyme detergent alkaline protease 


Company Information



1. We are manufacturer, we can produce high quality goods according to your requirement and OEM is available.


2. We have advanced independent R&D department.


3. We have advanced equipments, skilled workers and have established perfect system for quality control.


4. We have more than 16 years manufacturing experiences and more than 6 years exporting experience in this particular line.

5. Our professional services and experiences will make us be your trustful supplier.

protease enzyme detergent alkaline protease


 protease enzyme detergent alkaline proteaseprotease enzyme detergent alkaline proteaseprotease enzyme detergent alkaline proteaseprotease enzyme detergent alkaline protease




Sample charge




Sample charge



Customer could choose our existing products or provide us formula you designed.


1. Normal sample will be send out whithin 3-5 days after confirmation with each other.


2. Customized sample or non-normal sample is negotiated basing on customer's requirement and raw materials  in stock.


3. Sample expense negotiable



Delivery time



Normal order: 10-20 days


Customized order or non-normal order

Decided after estimated by production department, quality control department and finance department




Our Services

Feed additives


Concentrate on R&D, production and sevice for feed flavor enchancement

Become the most attractive supplier of feed additives





Concentrate on R&D, production and sevice for bio-enzymes used in animal feed, food and other industry.

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Single enzyme

Different process, different products, meet differnt demands

Customized processing for customer


Complex enzyme (Multi-enzyme)

Application solution according to the customer’s demand

1. Customize complex enzyme according to customer's requirements and feed formular

2. Create complex enzyme according to professional R&D technology and systematized experimental scheme after researching good effects products in market, investigating and estimatimng them from different angles.

3. Independent research and development various of complex enzyme suitable for different animal diets basing on six databases as followed:

(1). The database for nutrition factors of feedstuff

(2). Different physiological characters of animal (e.g.growth stages, pH etc.)

(3). The database of lab's evaluation (enzymatic hydrolysis in vitro)

(4). The database for NSP content of feedstuff

(5). Properties of single enzyme

(6). The application database (experiment on animal)


OEM service


1. Manufacture complex enzyme and feed additives

2. Design the formula of complex enzyme basing on feedstuff

3. Amend the product formula basing on customer's requirement.



The basis of domestic, to the world


Process dozens of single enzymes

Customazed individualization products

Exported to twenties countries

Give service to the end customer. 


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