Ламинарный Воздушный поток, Динамический Воздушный Душ, сквозная коробка для чистых комнат, переводное окно с разблокировкой по отпечатку пальца (1600804305991)

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Product Overview


Pass Box Showing

Product Description:
1.The transfer window is an airflow isolation device in the clean room to ensure that cross-contamination is avoided when items are transferred.
2. Its interlocking function ensures that any one of the inner and outer doors is opened, and the other door is locked for protection, thereby avoiding cross-contamination of airflow in two rooms with different levels.
3. Its interior is equipped with ultraviolet germicidal lamps, which can effectively kill microorganisms or bacteria entering the inner tank of the transfer window, and keep the inner tank clean.
4.It is widely used in hospitals, pharmaceutical factories, biological laboratories, cosmetics factories, electronics industry, food processing industry and other places.

1. Built-in door structure
2.One-piece door structure
3.Special card groove door panel sealing strip
4.Optional mechanical interlock, electronic interlock
5.Optional internal and external 304 stainless steel material, internal stainless steel and external steel plate spraying material
6. Optional talkback phone
7.Customize different opening directions

Product structure
1. Germicidal lamp
2. Germicidal lamp switch
3. Cabinet
4. Glass window
5. Handle
6. Door body

a. Walkie-talkie device
b. Stainless steel inside the outer environmental protection board
c. Hinge
d. Mechanical interlock/electronic interlock
e. The number of germicidal lamps
f. The configuration of germicidal lamp time controllers, etc.

Standard List Table of Dynamic Pass Box/LAF Pass box
Internal working size (mm)
External size (mm)
Air speed at nozzle (m/s)
Blowing Time (S)
Manual Control
MoC of Box Body
Both internal and external body are made of #SS 304
HEPA Filter size
Filteration efficiency
Fan power
Power Supply
220V/1PH/50Hz or 60Hz
Pass box size can be customize-made according to site requirements.

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