BEECO 20KG Commerical food waste recycling machine,food waste composting machine (1600807020251)

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Product Description

20KG Food waste recycling machine

Turn orgainic food waste into fertilizer:
Superior to others, Beeco produces rich-in-NPK fertilizer that makes plants grow more vigorously. Different plants have differentneeds. Flowers, for example, need more phosphorus, so you can try to make specialty fertilizers with different NPK proportions byusing diverse leftovers. Conduct some funny experiments in your backyard, and customize your own fertilizer with Beeco.

The volume reduction rate reaching 90-95%
Most electric composters on the market deliver only food residue (not fully degraded without the assistance of good microbes)
after a dehydrating and crushing process. Unlike other machine-made, so-called "compost," Beeco creates optimal soil enrichment material for better plant growth without any foul-smelling odors.Composting can be super easy by adding Beeco’s exclusive microbial starters.

Manufacturing Technique

Electricity system
Max power:0.9KW; Average power:0.5KW
Machine weight


Company Profile

About us.
BEECO has been producing for many years on on recycling machines with the mission of contributing to recycling and environmental awareness, producing solutions in the field of organic recycling and eliminating the need for imported fertilizers, using its ongoing sectoral experience. Our company, which follows up-to-date technologies on recycling systems around the world. In addition to standard products, it develops solutions according to needs Many systems are installed by our company, from recycling wastes to fertilizer, biogas and electricity production.

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1.Question : Why choose us?
A:BEECO Offer high quality products and perfect after-service system.BEECO has own reserach tem including electronic
engineers,structure engineers,sofware engineers.All progrmas and customized service are fast to be offered.If products has defecits,BEECO will offer fast response and solve problems.

2.Can we be your agent?
A:Sure.BEECO like to cooperate in agent relationship. BEECO will offer agent price,after-service training,and client protection policy,to our agent.BEECO has ability to offer client customized service inluding product design,APP system,

3. Machine has child lock?
BEECO machine has child lock.BEECO use Magnetic switch ,so can make good safety protection.

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