Шкала для наполнения газовых баллонов, светодиодный дисплей, 2 120 кг, LPG, сжиженный газ

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Cowell LPG digital cylinder filling weight scale machine 2-120KG




A filling scale is a liquid/gas filling system with a metering function that is used to fill a liquid/gas into a container at a predetermined weight. The system is mature in structure and stable in performance, and does not pose a hazard to the operator's environment. It is widely used in various industries that require liquid/gas filling.
The filling scale series is suitable for liquids/gas of various precisions. High precision and speed. Especially for filling situations with toxic volatilization, foam generation and explosion-proof requirements, it has rich field experience.


This product is composed of scale body, hanging bracket, power supply control box, controller, keyboard, display, explosion-proof solenoid valve (and filling gun).


1) Automatically removes the filling gun and bottle weight for easy filling operation

2) Quantitative filling, automatic cutting

3) Intrinsically safe, safe and reliable

4) One button setting, simple and convenient

5) Automatic peeling, weighing the table automatically clear (weigh the table, reduce, the barrel can be automatically cleared)

6) Automatically cut off to set weight, buzzer, alarm prompt

7) Different filling modes can be selected according to the user's filling method.

8) It can visually display the pre-charge weight, filling amount, and post-filling weight of each cylinder.

9) Batch inquiry function, you can refill the interface to query the cumulative number of bottles and total air consumption of each batch of the last ten batches.

10) Anti-cheating function, due to human intervention during the filling process, the weight of the weighing platform is lightened, the filling is suspended, and the automatic alarm-LOC-

11) Anti-overfilling, maximum filling limit for each bottle type, users can set as needed

12) Wireless communication function (optional), the filling information can be wirelessly transmitted to the computer software in real time, real-time monitoring of the filling process, querying the cylinder filling details and summary information



 Technical Specification



 Power Supply

single phase 220V 50HZ 



 Max Capacity


 Min Capacity


 Division Valve

 Ex Proof Markex bi II CT5 




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