Nazdar UV Printing INK Print NEM600 For Konica KM512 Head Printhead Printer (1600812416641)

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Product Overview


Nazdar NEM600/720 Series UV Inkjet

Primary uses of this product are for POP displays, durable graphics and banners where color fidelity and adhesion are of primary importance. Typical substrates for this graphic ink are: acrylics, styrene, Dibond, foam boards, Sintra, rigid and flexible vinyl, rigid PVC, pressuresensitive banner, blue-back paper, and window cling.

Nazdar 720 Series UV Inkjet

NAZDAR NEM600 is NAZDAR 720 Series UV ink, offering exceptional color vibrancy and adhesion. They are versatile and suitable for various applications, including signage, graphics, and more. These inks provide reliable performance and excellent print results, meeting the demands of diverse printing requirements.

Formulated for use in multiple applications with adhesion to a wide variety of flexible and rigid substrates.

Excellent resistance to edge chipping on rigid substrates when used with a knife or router cutter

Resists degradation by the most common double sided adhesives used in 2nd surface applications (3M® 467MP)

Allows adhesion of poster glues typically used in multi-layer billboard applications

Long term exterior performance with proven resistance to the effects of UV degradation and color fade.

High impact, high intensity colors with extended color gamut

Consistent color density values

Heat Bendable
Ink Changeover
Ink ChangeoverThoroughly clean your current ink system and jet assemblies with LWU7001FF UV Flush Solution.
Avoid contact with skin. Wear protective safety glasses and appropriate gloves when handling flush solution. Consult SDS for proper procedures for using Flush solution. Complete conversions procedures available upon request.

When UV inkjet equipment is not in use for extended periods of time the ink should be flushed from the printheads to avoid unwanted in-head curing from stray light sources

Ink Handling
All personnel mixing and handling this product must wear gloves and eye protection. Clean up all spills immediately. If ink does come in contact with skin, wipe ink off with a clean, dry cloth (do not use solvent or flush solution). Wash the
affected area with soap and water. Consult the Nazdar® 720 Series Safety Data Sheet for further instructions and warnings.

Ink Performance

Outdoor Durability
When Nazdar® 720 Series Ink is used with the
proper color management; color variance will be minimal over a period of 24 months vertical
outdoor exposure. Outdoor durability is based on actual outdoor weather testing in the central U.S. on statically mounted substrates. Results for regions with extreme weather conditions or applications other than static signage may vary significantly and should be tested by the end user.
To ensure Nazdar® 720 Series Ink density and hue values do not change during outdoor exposure, it is important to use proven substrates (flexible vinyls and pressure sensitive vinyls) that do not “yellow” or vary from their original white cast when exposed outdoors.

Compatible Printhead Models
Ricoh Gen4,Gen5,Gen6, Konica 6988,KM1024i,MHE-D ,KM1024A,KM512LH,KM512MH,RevoH,  Toshiba CE4M
Advertising, signage, textile printing, vehicle graphics, etc.
Ink property
Solvent-based ink
Available Colors
Print Effect
High color saturation, sharp images, lightfastness, water resistance
High-precision jetting, quick-drying, excellent stability

Storage/Shelf Life
Store ink and flush solutions at 18°- 27° C (65°-80°F). Ink and flush solutions should always be kept away from heat, sparks, and flames. If stored at a different temperature, the ink should be allowed to reach room temperature before
calibration or printing. The shelf life of this product is 12 months from the date of manufacture when stored under prescribed conditions.

Suitable For Printer and Head


SEIKO 510-35PL




Advertising Products

Furniture and Decoration Materials

Leather and Textiles
Electronic Product Case

Wallpaper and Wall Covering
Car and Traffic Signs

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Company Information

Guangzhou Shuangxing Co., Ltd
1. Guangzhou Gemini Digital Technology Co., Ltd. is an international industrial ink agent that primarily deals with inks used in the advertising industry.
2. Our proprietary brand is called "iColorPro".
3. We primarily act as agents for foreign ink brands and sell them domestically in China.
4. Our main products include UV INK and printheads, with plans to sell printers in the future.
5. Our clients are located in over 30 countries around the world.
6. Our total sales amount has exceeded $12 million USD, with nearly 50 tons of ink sold every month.
7. We have established an international platform on Alibaba to sell our proprietary brand and international brands of ink globally.
8. Our aim is to provide high-quality ink and printing equipment to the advertising industry.
9. We are committed to providing excellent products and services to our clients and making positive contributions to the
advertising industry.

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