Гирольная ракетка из углеродного волокна

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Graphite Pickleball Racquet USAPA Approved Carbon Fiber surface Nomex Hybrid Honeycomb Core Pickleball Paddle

Item NO.
XS43-16 Nomex
OEM Logo Available
Water decal or UV printing

* 【Tri-layer Face】 One lay of aramid fibers and two layers of carbon fabrics are super strong and rigid, which can fully transmit force to the ball and offer a smooth hitting pleasure.

* 【USAPA Approved】The Paddles are USA Pickleball Approved & with USA Pickleball Approval Seal for all official tournament play.Our pickleball paddle can withstand any challenges on the court; Having a high-quality graphite pickleball paddle can completely transform your game

* 【 NOMEX Core】The Nomex honeycomb core works in conjunction with the revolutionary Triple Carbon and Aramid Face to absorb the vibration from each hit and yield unwavering speed.

* 【 Edge Guard Technology】The narrow-side edge is made of environmental-friendly TPE. It has a balanced appearance,lightweight but extremely protective and durable.

Proprietary Graphite skin

The carbon skin is a proprietary Graphite skin developed specifically for this Pickleball paddle Racket.The combination of this skin and core makes this paddle unique and the most responsive paddle in the market.
Rough texture skin

The rough texture is the actual skin (not an overlay texture commonly used in the industry) therefore the texture lasts. The skin was also designed to enhance friction to ensure the ball stays longer on the paddle. Re-imagined control, spin and feel.
Elongated handle&Sure-Grip

Extra grip length is ideal for two-handed shots.

Perforated anti-slip ridge grip creates an optimum hold performance and increased shock absorption.


Material Available Models

Fiber Glass
Full Carbon
3k Carbon

PP Honeycomb Core
Nomex core
Aluminum Core

12k Carbon
18k Carbon

12k Carbon Texure Frcition
18k Carbon Texure Frcition
Kevlar Carbon Texure Frcition

Pickleball Rules

Factory&Production Process


1. What is difference in performance between 3K, 12K, 15K and 18K carbon?

For the 3K,12K,15K,18K is mainly used on Padel, Beach Tennis Paddle, Hocky sticks etc.,products.For the pickleball paddle, the regular material is only Fiberglass, Carbon and newly 3K Carbon on PBR001/PBR002 model. For these material difference,basically, 3K is a kind of rigid material. 12K is medium soft. 15K is seldom used in the market. 18K Carbon is the most soft ( thin material)among these 4 materials.

For the performance on the pickleball paddle,since Pickleball is basically a PE material ball(rigid),3K perform more better than other material, but we suggest using thicker paddle for 3K to reduce its noise. 3K is thicker and more durable. For 12K,18K,mostly these material are softer than 3K,so when we apply 12K and 18K, theywill supply more control on the paddle.

2. What is difference in performance with Kevlar surface?
Kevlar material is a kind of Carbon+Kevler mixed material.It is stronger and more durable than 3K. Kevler paddle has more power and is more aggressive . Surely the disadvantage is that Kevlar paddle is a little noisy. It is better to use the thicker thickness paddle for Kevlar material.

3. What is difference in performance with silver surface?
Silver material is a kind of Fiberglass Silver Coating material. It can be in different colors, like Red,Blue,Silver etc. The
advantage of this material is that it can offer good control and spin. Since the Fiberglass is a kind of softness material, it is
very good for defensive paddle.

4. What difference do edges make i.e. Dura, PVC,PU, TPSE. Can you add lead weight tape to all of them?
Dura edge means the racket is without protector edge.The racket frame is its edge. PVC/PU edge is the material of the frame protector.PVC is harder than PU. Some buyers like PVC edge,some like PU edges.It depends on customer's market.

5: Which are your most popular paddles?
Now our most popular model is #4001 for its cheap cost. And then is PBR001 and PBR002 for its newly shape and
multi-functionalperformance.The next is PA016 for its friction carbon for extra spin and thicker thickness for better control.

6. Can you apply gritty surfaces to all paddles?
We can offer gritty surface on all of our paddles.

7: How does gritty surface differ from friction carbon surface?
Gritty surface is a kind of tiny(small) sand paper/grit. Friction Carbon is the surface with a rough fabric cloth effect to
increase paddle's spin.

8. Am I correct that full print is impossible on surface of 3K, 12K 18K carbon?
Basically, now most of pickleball paddle are using the UV priting technology to increase its production efficiency. For the full print,we always use water decal on the paddle.That means we can do all different designs in our production.

9. Is the core for all of your paddles pp?
We have different core for pickleball paddle,like PP, Nomex, Aluminium,EVA etc.And we can also produce different material core according to our buyer's requirements. But now mostly use PP core because in USA and Canada market, they dislike the noisy sound. The Nomex and Aluminium core paddles are a little noisy. And the second reason is that PP core is a kind of soft core,which has shock absorption advantage.

10. Is it possible to produce a combi paddle i.e. one side with friction carbon and the other with say Kevlar, or carbon?
For the CNC tech paddle,#4001/#JC003, there is no problem for combi paddle. For the Blow Molding and Thermoforming tech paddle,we can't do combi.

11. Can you supply balls and net and post sets and bags?
We can supply balls,nets,bags etc.,one-stop service.

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