PH02 LCD Digital PH Pen Water Quality Tester Pocket Portable Cheap PH Meter Tester with ATC for Water (1600812704238)

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Product Features:

Easy to Use: Simply immerse the pH meter electrode in the solution to be tested, readings are quickly display on a large lcd display
Wide Application: Ideal instrument for any aquarium, the fishing industry, swimming pools, spa, school laboratories, food & beverage, drinking water etc.
Auto Calibrated: Features in-built calibration with 2 buffer powders(included).Just press a button to finish the calibration. This pH meter is factory calibrated. Users can use it directly.
Fast and Accurate Results: No need to work with those annoying color charts and test strips.
Compact Portable Design: Pocket fitting pH meter that's also lightweight and compact. Total concealed fit in your bag or pocket for easy, casual carrying.
1.Remove protective cap.
2.First rinse the electrode with distilled water and suck it with filter paper.
3.Turn the meter on by pressing “ON/OFF” key.
4.Immerse the pH meter electrode in the solution to be tested (should not be over the immersion line).
5.Stir gently and wait around 30 seconds till the reading stabilizes.
6.After finishing, clear the electrode with pure water, turn the meter off by pressing “ON/OFF” key.
7.Always replace the protective cap after use.

1.Turn on PH meter
2.Disolve each buffer solution in 250ML of distilled water
3.Immerse the electrode into the PH 6.86 solution,(under the temperature of 25)
4.Press the “CAL”(calibration)button for 5 seconds and release
-Display will start flashing 6.86
-Wait until the display stops flashing.
Rinse the electrode with distilled water and dry it with filter paper.
5.Immerse the electrode in PH 4.00 solution,
-Press“CAL”button for 5 seconds,then press and release immediately second time
-Reading will start flashing 4.00
-Wait until display stops flashing
Rinse and dry the electrode with distilled water as before.
6.Place the meter back to the buffer solution to test calibration.If incorrect,please repeat the calibration
7.If approximate PH of your test solution is known to be above 7.0,calibrate the meter using 6.86 and 9.18 solution. To do this,please follow the calibration chart,The third step is the calibration method for 9.18 point.


If the tester was used or lay aside long time: recalibrate it.
If you open battery case or replace battery: recalibrate it.
The glass bulb of the electrode is fragile.
Don't touch it by hard tools and fingers, suck the water on it gently when cleaning.
NOTE:This item come without battery, and it need LR44 cell BATTERY

LCD Digital
0.01 pH,
±0.01 pH
Operating Temperature
PH range

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