Высококачественное испанское оливковое масло для выжимки, IBC 930 кг (1000L) лучшее оливковое масло оптом из Испании (1600815446461)

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Olive Pomace Oil 930 kg (1000L) IBC┊Olive Pomace Oil
Pomace Olive Oil enriched with Virgin Olive Oil with an intense green colour and sweet and mild flavour, recommended for frying. It is obtained from a blend of Virgin Olive Oil (5%) and Refined Pomace Olive Oil (95%).

What is Olive Pomace Oil? Olive Pomace Oil comes from the olive family, which is the principal guarantee of its nutritional quality and culinary performance. It is rich in oleic acid, contains antioxidants and other bioactive compounds that offer health benefits.
Its composition makes it an ideal olive oil for frying, as it stands out for in terms of durability and stability. Its unbeatable performance for frying is backed by scientific studies that demonstrate that Olive Pomace Oil can be used more than twice as often as other vegetable oils.

Advantages of Pomace Olive Oil:
- It is very much cheaper than extra virgin or pure olive oils.
- It is healthier than other vegetable oils, such as sunflower and soya oil, as it comes from olive fruit and it has a high content of monounsaturated fats.
- Its yield for frying is very good.
- It does not modify the flavour of other ingredients.


The following table represents the specific characteristics of our Olive Pomace Oil. If there is any other information needed, please contact us and we will provide it.

Olive Pomace Oil
Processing Type
Purity (%)
1000 L 
Shelf life
24 months
Sweet & mild
Intense Green
Valencia, Spain
IFS Food, Halal

Company Profile


Founded in 1885, Aceites de las Heras is a family company dedicated to the production, packaging & distribution of Edible Oils, specialized in Olive Oil. Our location in Utiel, within the formidable mountains inside the province of Valencia, results on the privilege to be connected to the Mediterranean climate but also to the largest port of Spain.

In Spain, the world's leading producer and exporter of olive oil, we are among the top 25 producers of olive oil. Therefore, if we had to define Aceites de las Heras in a single sentence, we would say that we are the symbiosis of experience, quality and ability to adapt to the needs of our customers.

In 2016 we inaugurated our new facilities, which cover an area of 8,500 m2. We have a bulk storage capacity of more than 600 tons, five botlling lines - one intended for organic olive oil only - and storage capacity for final product of 900 pallets.

Olive Mill
Thanks to the expansion of the olive mill in 2021, we currently have a production capacity of more than 2 million liters of extra virgin olive oil per year. A traditional process adapted to the latest technology.

We have implemented international quality standards in all our processes, from the reception of the raw material at the mill to the delivery of the final product to the customer. Thus, we account with IFS Food Certification.
Currently, we export to more than 25 countries. We stand out for the ability to adapt to the needs of our customers, we produce customized blends and we have extensive experience in the development of private label.


IFS Food Higher Level Certification
European Organic Certification
Halal Certification


What can you buy from us?
Edible Oils:
- Olive Oil (Extra Virgin, Organic Extra Virgin, Pure, Pomace)
- Sunflower Oil
- Other vegetable oils (subject to availability)

What is our minium order quantity - MOQ?
Our MOQ is 1 pallet. However, it may vary depending on the product.

Can we manage transport?
Yes, we can work under the following conditions: EXW, FOB, CFR, CIF & DAP in Europe.

What is our lead time?
15 to 25 days, depending on product format & quantity ordered.

Can we provide exclusivity?
Exclusivity is subject to negotiation.

How can I request a customized quotation?
You can contact us through Alibaba chat / inquiry or through the contact email you will find in our website.

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