500*4,4*3,6*30*120 т дисковая алмазная пила для резки алюминия алюминиевая пила (1600817673644)

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Alloy thickness
Teeth type
25.4 or 30

Company Profile

Foshan Jingshang Saw Industry Co.,Ltd. is an open platform ,but also an innovative platform.Trademark,inner diameter,outer circle,number of teeth,tooth type  and other parameters can be produced according to customer requirements.There is no best blade,only the blade that best suits your products.Jingshang technology is used in Domestic first-class aluminum enterprises such as Ma's,Nanxing,Jidong,Weishang,Federal,Man Wah,Wanhua and so on.



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Q1: Can you accept small order?
A1:Yes,we can accept small orders,the business starts with small  orders,and we look forward to more and greater cooperation.
Q2:Is your company a manufacturer?
A2:Yes,our company has  been producing saw blades for more  than ten years,with three companies,the benchmark of Chinese saw blade industry.
Q3:What saw blades do you mainly produce?
A3:Our company mainly produces alloy saw blades and diamond saw blades,including aluminum alloy saw blades,woodworking alloy saw blades,acrylic saw blades,color steel tile saw blades,iron saw blades,cut aluminum and woodworking diamond saw blades,there are also high-speed steel saw blades and so on.
Q4:Is your company mainly retail or wholesale-oriented?
A4:Our company is mainly wholesale,more than 90% of the output value is created by agents for us,and retail does very little.
Q5:What information do we need to provide to you before requesting a saw blade quote?
A5: 1.What product the saw blade you need to cut.
      2.The outer circle,inner hole,number of teeth and thickness of the knife head thickness.
      3.What are your special requirements for saw blades.For example,require the cutting surface to be          smooth and burr-free,or there is no requirement for the cutting surface,only the durability is                      required.

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