New Arrivals supplies horizontal filtration centrifuges, fully automatic , discharge (1600818025665)

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Product Overview


Product Features
Article No0863
drum diameter800
purposeIndustrial use
Drum speed1200/1500
product typeBrand new
Application fieldFood, Chemical, Water Treatment, Medical, Pharmaceutical
Model number0863
Layout formvertical
Separate the factor Fr value rangeHigh speed centrifuge
Order number0863
Loading limit135
Structure and separation requirementsFilter centrifuge
Applicable object-
Motor power5.5/7.5
Processing customizationis
Overall dimensions1550x1200 x1230
Is it a cross-border export exclusive source of goodsno
Structure typeFloor type
typeDischarge centrifuge
New Arrivals supplies horizontal spiral filtration centrifuges, fully automatic centrifuges, discharge centrifuges

Horizontal spiral discharge filter centrifuge, this machine runs smoothly, washing effect is good, processing capacity is large, it can be in full speed operation on the suspension of automatic continuous feeding, washing, dehydration and discharge. Is the separation equipment in the separation of solid and liquid. This machine is suitable for solid liquid separation in chemical, pharmaceutical, food, gold, mining and other industries.


Working principle


Continuous work, large processing capacity.


A variety of forms of drum spiral drum design.


Reasonable power allocation, low energy consumption.


Parts in contact with materials are made of stainless steel


Adopt imported bearings/seals and independent circulating oil system.


The sealed casing protects the operator/site environment.


Small size, easy installation, without complex foundation.

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