Hot sales manufacturers supply easy to use and install all stainless steel high speed tubular separar (1600818041587)

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Product Overview


Product Features
Item No.3540
Drum diameter125
UseFor industrial use
Drum speed16300
Product TypeBrand New
Application fieldFood, Chemical, Water Treatment, Pharmaceutical, Medical \\Pharmaceutical
ModelTubular centrifuge
Layout formVertical
Separation factor Fr value rangeUltra-high speed centrifuge
Order number3540
Loading limit125
Structural and separation requirementsSeparator
Tubular centrifugeCentrifuge
Applicable Object3283093
Motor power16
Processing customizationYes
Overall dimension1500
Whether the source of cross-border export is exclusiveNo
Structure typeTable
TypeTubular centrifuge
Hot sales manufacturers supply easy to use and easy to install all stainless steel high-speed tubular separator

Shandong-Mining Group

Manufacturer Tel: 180-537-99894


Working Principle of Tubular Centrifuge

The motor of the tubular centrifuge transmits the power to the passive wheel through the transmission belt/tensioner, so that the drum rotates at a high speed around its own axis, forming a strong centrifugal force field. The material is injected into the drum from the bottom liquid inlet. Centrifugal force forces the material liquid to flow upward along the inner wall of the drum. The dense liquid phase forms an outer ring, and the low density liquid phase forms an inner ring, which flows to the respective liquid discharge ports on the upper part of the drum and is discharged. Trace solids are deposited on the drum wall and are manually discharged after shutdown.

Features of Tubular Centrifuge

Simple structure \\convenient operation and maintenance \\strong separation ability \\small footprint.

Tubular centrifuge use

It is used to separate various emulsions containing a small amount of impurities in materials, mainly suitable for pharmaceutical \\food \\environmental protection and petroleum and other industrial fields.





Shandong-Mining Group

Manufacturer Tel: 180-537-99894 

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