Прибор компрессионного зажигания воздуха, обучающий в средней школе, преобразующий механическую энергию во внутреннюю

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Article No222
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Model numberAir compression igniter
Scope of applicationJunior high school
Order number222
texture of materialEngineering polycarbon materials
Measuring rangeThermal energy test equipment
Processing customizationno
Is it a cross-border export exclusive source of goodsno
Import or notno
typePhysical heat
Hot sales air compression ignition instrument, secondary school teaching instrument, converting mechanical energy into internal energy

Air compression igniter

  -\\ Purpose: This instrument is for middle school students to explain; When a gas is quickly compressed, the temperature increases, causing flammable substances to ignite and burn; A demonstration tool for

  2. Instructions for use: Take ordinary cotton about the size of mung beans, place it at the end of the piston, cover the cylinder cover, and press the handle with the palm of your hand to quickly compress the piston, causing the air in the cylinder to suddenly compress. You can see the phenomenon of cotton burning and emitting white smoke. When conducting further experiments, the exhaust gas in the cylinder should be eliminated first and fresh air should be sucked in

  III. Precautions:

  1\\ Cotton should not be put too much during demonstration. The amount should be the size of mung bean.

  2. The piston should be kept in an oily state, otherwise it will dry, crack, and age

  Apply grease to the piston before use

  4\\ After use, the dirt in the cylinder should be wiped away

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