Новое поступление, анкерная машина для испытания статической нагрузки, статическая анкерная сталь

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Product Features
Article No222
Product specificationStatic load anchoring testing machine
Model numberStatic load anchoring testing machine
Processing customizationis
Overall dimensions3600x850x700
Is it a cross-border export exclusive source of goodsno
Product UsageStatic load anchoring testing machine
Import or notno
Order number222
New Arrivals anchor static load testing machine Static load anchoring performance testing machine Steel strand anchoring testing machine

Microcomputer-controlled static load anchorage testing machine is a device used by prestressed anchorage manufacturing enterprises for factory inspection and type test, large engineering units for anchorage approach acceptance, product quality supervision department for inspection of prestressed anchorage assembly. The device consists of digital servo valve with wide speed control range and microcomputer measurement and control technology, composed of automatic closed-loop speed control system, can control and measure the whole process of the test

Main function

1. It can realize the standard test of the anchor resistance loss test of the anchor port in Appendix D of GB/T14370-2015 standard for anchors, fixtures and connectors for prestressed tendons under the servo control condition.

2. It has two control channels for load/displacement and three corresponding control modes for force/stress/displacement, with random/arbitrary switching between control modes PID parameters can be adjusted online

3. Can carry out equal speed load, stress and displacement control and constant load, stress and displacement control and adopt stepless speed regulation.

4. Automatic rendering power — displacement Time \\ displacement — Time and other test curve, automatic editing test report and timely print out;

5. The measuring system has the function of automatic zeroclearing, automatic calibration, continuous whole measurement without classification.

6. Multi-color curve comparison test of group pattern can be carried out, and any section of the test curve can be selected for regional amplification analysis, and various test curves can be switched to display during the test;

7. Original test parameter input

8. Possess a powerful database and multiple interface formats for users to choose from, helping them achieve local area network communication;

9. With pressure, oil temperature, piston limit and other protective measures;

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