Новое поступление, измеритель уровня магнитной заслонки, нержавеющая сталь, химический поплавок, Опрокидываемый столб, водный боковой пульт дистанционного управления

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Product Overview


Product Features
Article No6504
Measuring tube material304/316
Model number6504
Measuring range0-1M
Scope of applicationLiquid level measurement
Processing customizationis
Is it a cross-border export exclusive source of goodsno
measurement accuracy10mm
Import or notno
Order number6504
New Arrivals magnetic flap level meter stainless steel chemical magnetic float tipping column water level meter side mounted remote maglev level meter

Structural characteristics

  Magnetic flap level gauges are used for liquid level measurement and control in production processes in industries such as power, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, shipbuilding, construction, and food

The structural characteristics of magnetic flip plate liquid level gauge

1. Magnetic flap level gauge structure

According to the principle of buoyancy, the float moves up and down with the rise and fall of the liquid level in the measuring tube. The magnetic steel inside the float drives the red and white tilting column to turn over through the magnetic coupling effect. When the liquid level rises, the tilting column turns from white to red, and when it falls, the tilting column turns from red to white, so as to realize the indication of the liquid level.

2 Upper and lower limit switch output

The magnetic float is used to move with the liquid level, so that the spring switch installed on the position set by the riser of the liquid level gauge can operate to realize the on-off control or alarm.

3. Electric remote transmission of liquid level gauge

Install the transmitter on the flap level gauge. The transmitter is composed of sensor and converter two parts, it moves up and down through the maglev, the magnetic coupling effect makes the measuring element in the catheter act in turn, obtain resistance signal changes, converted into 0~10 or 4~20mA standard current signal output, so as to connect with the digital display instrument or computer, realize remote display and control.

Installation and maintenance

1\\ The liquid level gauge is installed vertically to ensure that the float assembly moves freely up and down in the main tube.

2. No magnetometer is allowed around the main body of the level meter, otherwise it will directly affect the correct work of the level meter.

After the installation of the liquid level gauge, it is necessary to use magnetic steel to calibrate and guide the column so that it displays red below zero and white above zero

4\\ When the liquid level meter is put into operation, it should first open the valve of the lower primer pipe to let the liquid medium enter the main pipe smoothly, to avoid the liquid medium with the floating ball component rising rapidly, and cause the turning column failure and chaos. If this phenomenon occurs after the liquid level is stable, magnetic steel can be re-corrected.

6\\ According to the medium condition, can regularly find the blowdown flange to clean the main pipe precipitation material.

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