New Arrivals source supply PGZ type plate scraper automatic centrifuge discharging (1600818140254)

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Product Overview


Product Features
Article No9425
drum diameter1000
purposeIndustrial use
Drum speed1080
product typeBrand new
Application fieldFood, Chemical Industry, Textile, Shipbuilding, Metallurgy, Petroleum, coal, Water treatment, Pharmaceutical, Mineral processing, Medical \\ Pharmaceutical
Model number9425
Layout formvertical
Separate the factor Fr value rangeHigh speed centrifuge
Order number9425
Loading limit200
Structure and separation requirementsseparator
Applicable objectPlastics, food
Motor power11
Processing customizationis
Overall dimensions2300X1900X2300
Is it a cross-border export exclusive source of goodsno
Structure typeFloor type
typePlate centrifuge
New Arrivals source supply PGZ type plate type scraper automatic centrifuge discharging centrifuge

1\\ Flat plate structure and liquid damping technology: the use of flat plate structure, make the machine lower, more stable running, flat plate as a frame can also be used as an operating platform, more convenient operation; The application of liquid damping technology makes centrifuge vibration isolation and vibration damping performance better; Adopt four point support structure, support distance is large, no foundation installation form, easy to install and repair the machine.


2 Independent swash plate cloth device :- To change the past traditional middle cloth or side cloth way, feeding uniformity and operability has been significantly improved, and can be connected with the electronic control system, to achieve automatic control.


3. Gas recoil and gas assisted scraper device: The application of this new technology can reduce the residual filter cake and facilitate the filter cloth


4\\ Nitrogen protection system: nitrogen protection is adopted to ensure that the machine runs in a proper environment.

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