New Listing gold centrifuge water beneficiation automatic ore discharge (1600818162156)

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Product Overview


Product Features
Article No5406
drum diameter-
purposeIndustrial use
Drum speed-
product typeBrand new
Application fieldbeneficiation
Model number5406
Layout formvertical
Separate the factor Fr value rangeUltra-high speed centrifuge
Order number5406
Loading limit-
Structure and separation requirementsSettling centrifuge
Applicable object-
Motor power12
Processing customizationis
Overall dimensions2000*2000
Is it a cross-border export exclusive source of goodsno
Structure typetable
typeTripod centrifuge
New Listing gold centrifuge water jacket centrifuge beneficiation centrifuge gold centrifuge automatic ore discharge centrifuge


Working principle of centrifugal separator


  Centrifugal beneficiation machine is an enhanced gravity beneficiation equipment based on the principle of centrifugation. In a high magnification enhanced gravity field, the gravity difference between minerals with high and low specific gravity is greatly amplified, making the separation between light and heavy minerals easier than in a natural gravity field; The specially designed material bed maintains a structure that can continuously maintain a loose state under the interaction of fluidized water and interference settlement. Under the above conditions, heavy mineral particles can replace the position occupied by light mineral particles in the sorting bed and remain, while light mineral particles are discharged as tailings to achieve mineral particle sorting according to specific gravity




Characteristics of beneficiation centrifuge


1. Durable, wear-resistant, and easy to install


2\\ Small area, good effect, high recovery rate


3, its stable performance, adjustable speed and can automatically adjust the balance, low temperature rise, high efficiency and wide applicability

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