CEREAL MUESLI BARS 30G 3 tastes/ OEM ODM/ SUGAR FREE healthy cereal and fruit nutritious snack for health food (1600818853743)

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Muesli bars
SUGAR FREE, 99 kCal, low in carbohydrates and calories.

Isomaltite, a sweetener with a low glycemic Index, is used as a sweetener. Yogurt glaze in the composition of bars – maltitol, without sugar. Suitable for those on a diet, athletes, diabetics.

• Bright taste range
• Natural product
• Sugar-free
• GMO-free
• Without artificial additives
• Protein-Carbohydrate Concentrate

Product name
Pcs. in 1 box
Shelf life
Muesli Bar with Melon
12 month
Muesli Bar with Melon Mango 
12 month
Muesli Bar with Melon Lychee
12 month

Storage conditions: store at temperatures from +6°C to +25°C inclusive and relative air humidity not more than (75±5)%.

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Services we offer

◙ We will be able to provide you with a search on the Russian market for the food ingredients you need.
◙ We will provide you with the collection of the necessary documents and a preliminary assessment of product quality, including an assessment of the optimal price / quality ratio.
◙ We will supply you with test samples, so that you yourself can evaluate the quality and consumer properties of the ingredients you need.
◙ We will also provide a solution to all issues related to the purchase of products in Russia (we will make purchases of products for you).
◙ Through an export contract, we organize the acceptance of foreign currency payments from your side and arrange the export / delivery of products to the destination and transfer of goods.
◙ At the same time, we strive to ensure that you yourself pay for transport services and insurance of international carriers that operate outside the territory of the Russian Federation in foreign currency.
Thus, the risks of a contract for the supply of products from Russia are reduced.

Company Profile

Welcome to our shop!
SP Koshcheev (brand "RosBioProduct by SP Koshcheev") works in the industry of healthy food ingredients and functional nutrition / food additives and extracts / biologically active substances for internal and external use.
We are dealers and exporters of products and active biochemical substances produced by high-tech/innovative biochemical enterprises in Russia.

Our land is large. It is rich with wild-growing herbal resources, and there is perfect ecology in the regions where they grow. It goes without saying that wild-growing herbals are much more powerful than cultivated plants. Moreover, we have an access to absolutely unique riches of nature like shilajit, which cannot be found anywhere else. I believe in the modern world, where more and more people turn to nature and natural products, our goods will be useful in many industries: food, cosmetics, medicine.
CEO, Eduard Koshcheev

We can manage a wide range of products:
- fine herbal powders of high purity (herbs, roots, fruits, berries, mushrooms);
- cold-pressed vegetable oils, organic essential oils;
- plant extracts (oil-soluble and water-soluble), mumijo extract;
- berry juice concentrates;
- organic selenium and iodine, taxifolin, silymarin, betulin and other industrial organic food additives and bioactive substances;
- sunflower lecithin (phospholipid concentrate);
- food enzymes and concentrates (e.g., barley and rye wort, malt).

Upon your request we can find an interesting, eco-friendly food product / ingredient of the highest quality, produced by Russian manufacturers and farmers, and serve as an exporter.

Our work bases on following criterias:
◘ Our work bases on plant raw materials' contract procurement and contract production of products by pre-order;
◘ We can deliver small orders, for example small-tonnage cargoes;
◘ We can act as your agent for the search for health products in the Russian Federation. Our company also provides technical exporter services (organization of logistics and customs procedures).

Packing & Delivery


1. Can I get samples?
- We provide trial samples by postal parcel. The cost of the goods (at the lowest possible wholesale prices) and the cost of the postal parcel are paid by the customer.

2. Can I have my own customized product?
- Yes, we can. The details and budget are pre-agreed.

3. How long does it take to calculate the shipping cost?
- 1 day

4. Do you offer a discount depending on the quantity of the order?
- Yes

5. Do you offer after sales service?
- Yes

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