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Product Features FastGas 615g Cream Charger Wholesale The Fastgas 615 Gram tank contains a lot of Cream Charger. Fastgas has the
advantages of being more efficient and safe than the traditional 8G cream charger - Fastgas cream is more effective and takes only
half the time to whip. - Fastgas =85 Common Cream Charger to solve the problem of gas waste at the bottom of traditional Cream
Charger. - Product rewards: pressure regulators, configurators, filled hoses - Quality is the most important! The Fastgas has been
pressure-tested at 165 bar, is 100% leak-free, can be safely transported and used safely in kitchens and bars. - After purity
testing, Fastgas can contains pure 615g – food grade Cream Charger, guaranteed to be free of oil residues or industrial
aftertaste. - Made of 100% recyclable steel. - It is universal to all whipped cream charger dispensers. Fastgas is our registered
trademark. It has no special significance. This product is a steel cylinder. No other substances. Used for making cream. No other


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