France Rhodia PA66 A218V40 BK impact resistant heat stabilized gear applications Engineering Plastic (1600821607849)

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PA material has excellent mechanical properties, corrosion resistance, wear resistance and high temperature resistance, so it is
one of the most widely used engineering plastics, and is used in electronic and electrical, automobile, construction, office
equipment, machinery, aerospace and other industries. Mechanical properties of PA materials The tensile strength, bending
strength, impact strength, hardness, rigidity, modulus and toughness of PA materials are good, especially the strength, modulus,
hardness, rigidity and wear resistance of modified and reinforced PA materials or PA alloy materials are further improved. PA
material has good friction and wear resistance, self-lubrication (water can be used as lubricant) and fatigue resistance, which is
one of the important reasons why it can be widely used as engineering plastics. Other properties of PA materials In addition to
excellent mechanical properties, PA materials have excellent heat resistance, processability, electrical properties, solvent
resistance and flame retardance. Heat resistance: PA material has a high melting point, and its thermal stability is greatly
improved after modification, and its thermal deformation temperature can be as high as 250 ℃. Processability: PA is a
thermoplastic plastic. After melting, it has low viscosity under the action of shear force, good fluidity, and is easy to form and
process. Electrical performance: under dry conditions, PA has good electrical insulation, can be used as insulating material, and
is a particularly good high-frequency insulating material. However, PA is easy to absorb water and moisture, and its insulation
will be reduced after moisture absorption. Solvent resistance: PA material has good chemical stability, alkali resistance and weak
acid resistance; It is solvent-resistant plastic and can be used in chemical and chemical instruments; In the environment where
some metals are prone to rust, such as water meters, PA materials can be used instead. Flame retardancy: PA materials have good
flame retardancy and are generally not easy to burn; The addition of antibacterial agent can also make it have antibacterial and
self-cleaning functions. PA material "plastic instead of steel" Compared with metal, PA material has the characteristics of light
weight, low working noise, no spark, no rust and no electromagnetic interference. In addition, when used as a gear, it can achieve
the purpose of buffering collision and impact through its own deformation and deflection, and also reduce the local load caused by
installation deviation. PA materials also have the advantages of sufficient raw materials, many varieties, low price, easy
recycling, good dyeing, good dimensional stability, etc. Application of PA materials in various fields In the field of household
appliances, modified PA materials are mainly used for electrical parts of unattended electrical appliances, such as PA66FR500
(halogen-free flame retardant) and PA66FR2400 (halogen-free reinforced flame retardant) of polysilon. In the field of electric
tools, modified PA materials are applied to plastic shells of cutting machines, electric saws, electric drills, angle grinders,
polishing machines, electric hammers, electric picks, hot-air guns, lithium screwdrivers, sanders, engraving machines and other
machines. The material has the characteristics of glass fiber reinforcement, high heat resistance, high rigidity and high
strength. It is mainly used in the case of electric tools. The typical brand is polysilon PA6-G308. In the field of furniture, PA
materials can be applied to seats, backrests, chair legs, back supports, brackets, casters, stair handrails, wine racks,
condiments racks, curtain rails, bathroom handrails, door handles, etc. In the field of automobile, PA material can be
strengthened and modified, which can be widely used in many parts of automobile, such as intake manifold, radiator fan, automobile
hub, water chamber, engine cover, transmission parts, etc

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Shanghai XLJ Plastic Industry Co., Ltd
Shanghai XLJ Plastic Industry Co., Ltd is specialized in supplying and exporting plastic raw material for about 10 years.
Our main materials are: PA,PBT,POM,PC/ABS,POM.The products are mainly applied to plastic processing industry, such as aerospace, electronics and electrical, medical supplies and equipments, photoelectric communication, water treatment, transports, consumer products and other industries etc.The mainly customers of our company are among the fields of electronics, automobiles, home appliances, daily necessities etc. We are equipped with 5,000 square meters warehouse,has a large inventory and continuously stable supply capacity.As a professional supplier, we can offer you a wide range of materials ,fast quotation and and efficient customer service

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5-7 days after advance payment
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We 'd like to use T/T as the term of payment, 50% deposit and balance payment after see copy of BL,about L/C term can be communicate.
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Flexible shipping terms: FOB, EXW, CFR, CIF.

Q:How many tons product we export each month?
500 tons
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10 tons fit a 20ft container, 25 tons fit a 40HQ container

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