Японское производство, 180 г с низким содержанием углеводов и низким содержанием сахара, полезная вкусная лапша соба

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◆Delicious low-carb soba noodles◆
Delicious Japanese soba noodles with 50% less sugar!
Rich in dietary fiber and protein!

The manufacturer's unique formula has made it possible to produce soba with 50% less carbohydrate compared to dried soba (dried) in the "Standard Tables of Food Composition in Japan 2020" while retaining the "soba-like" characteristics of Japanese soba.
In addition, one serving (90g) contains 28.1g of dietary fiber.
You can easily consume dietary fiber while eating delicious Japanese soba noodles.
It is also rich in protein, which is often lacking in our daily meals.
One serving (90g) contains 9.7g of protein.
It can be stored at room temperature.
Boiling time is approximately 7 minutes, making it very easy to cook.

This Japanese soba noodle is recommended for those who want to eat less sugar and are concerned about their health.
Too much sugar can increase visceral fat and cause obesity.
By reducing sugar intake, you can make your body healthier.
There are many ways to arrange the way to eat. Cooking is also easy.
You will enjoy the amazing "smoothness" of the noodles, which is hard to believe that they are dried noodles.

◆How to make◆
1. Put soba noodles in boiling water.
2. While boiling, stir for about 7 minute.
3. When the water is boiled to your liking, put the soba into a colander and pour on water to cool it off.
4. Serving soba
Put the soba in a bowl, pour some soba soup and add the toppings; cut some leeks and some mountain vegetables and add them on the top of the soba.
And you can also enjoy like these.
with a chilled dipping sauce, with a hot soup, topping with leek, nori, grated daikon radish, tempura crust, chilli pepper.

Low-carb soba noodle
Buckwheat flour (produced in Japan), wheat starch/processed starch, 
adhesives (polysaccharides thickener, alginate), acidifiers
Weight (g)
180g per bag
Feel going down smoothly
Cooking Time
Boil for 7min
Place of Origin
Keep in a cool, dry and clean place
Protect from moisture and direct light.
Shelf Life
12 months after manufacture
Payment Term
T/T or Paypal
Loading Port
Anywhere Japan

Company Profile

We deal in agriculture products and specialty products from Tohoku region of Japan.
In Japan, we mainly sell our products through e-commerce sites.
Our company has received numerous awards form domestic mail order websites.
We have a proven track record, having won first place in the Tohoku area food category award at a store opening site in 2020.

The products we handled are rice, rice cake, cherries, apples, watermelon, persimmons, grapes, melons, strawberries, garlic, jerusalem artichokes, Japanese pikels, udon noodles, soba noodles, seasonal wild vegetables, processed seafood and more.

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