Artificial Coarse Expandable Graphite 350 High Carbon Powder Price Per KG for Tire Sealant Raw Material of Soft Gasket Seals

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Artificial Coarse Expandable Graphite 350 High Carbon Powder Price Per KG for Tire Sealant Raw Material of Soft Gasket Seals

Products Description

Our Graphite :Earthy Graphite, Flake Graphite, Expandable Graphite

Expandable Graphite (EG for short) is obtained by intercalation, washing and drying of natural graphite flakes.Expanded graphite is a loose and porous worm-like substance obtained by expanding expandable graphite at high temperature.

Product name
Flake graphite powder
Earthy graphite powder
Expandable graphite powder
Size mesh
±80 mesh or customized
high temperature resistance, good lubricating, corrosion resistance, electrical conductivity, heat preservation, compression resistance, wear resistance, and oxidation resistance etc.
high performance sealing material, Environmentally friendly materials for removing oil pollution from water surfaces, High Energy Battery Materials, Adsorbents for industrial greases and industrial oils; Intumescent flame retardant material like fireproof coatings etc.


In addition to the excellent properties of natural graphite itself, such as cold and heat resistance, corrosion resistance, and self-lubrication, EG also has softness, compression resilience, adsorption, ecological environment coordination, biocompatibility, and radiation resistance that natural graphite does not have. and other characteristics.Expanded graphite can instantly expand its volume by 150-300 times when exposed to high temperature, changing from flake to worm-like, so that the structure is loose, porous
and curved, the surface area is enlarged, the surface energy is improved, the adsorption force of flake graphite is enhanced, and the worm-like graphite can be self-embedded. Together, this increases its softness, resilience and plasticity.


Sealing packing is a preformed packing that is directly formed on a press by winding expanded graphite strips cut into appropriate widths and lengths in metal molds of different specifications. It is suitable for various stop valves, gate valves, regulating valves, ball valves, and filling valves .
Graphite has characteristics that cannot be replaced by other metal materials: high and low temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, especially the excellent elasticity makes the interface tightly sealed. Expanded graphite does not contain binders and fillers, so it has high purity, good corrosion resistance, high/low temperature resistance, good compression resilience and high strength, suitable for sealing low-pressure parts, and can prevent graphite and French Galvanic corrosion generated between.
Finally, the graphite gasket has good self-lubrication. Like natural graphite, flexible graphite is easy to slip between layers under the action of external force, so it has lubricity, good wear reduction and small friction coefficient.

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