2023 Новое поступление оригинальный Дрон Dji Mini 3 Pro сверхлегкий менее 245 г с GPS (1600829131498)

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Product Overview


Product Description

Product Name
Mini 3 Pro
Drone Size
Maximum ascent speed
5 m/s (sport gear) 
3 m/s (normal gear) 
2 m/s (smooth gear)
Maximum descent speed
5 m/s (sport gear) 
3 m/s (normal gear)
1.5 m/s (smooth gear)
Maximum horizontal flight speed (without wind near sea level)
16 m/s (sport gear) 
10 m/s (normal gear) 
6 m/s (smooth gear)
Maximum takeoff altitude
Intelligent flight battery: 4000m
Long-lasting intelligent flight battery: 3000m
Maximum range
18 km (Intelligent flight battery, no wind environment 43.2 km/h constant speed) 
25 km (Long-lasting intelligent flight battery, no wind environment 43.2 km/h constant speed flight)
Maximum Flight time
34 min (Intelligent flight battery, windless environment 21.6 km/h at constant speed) 
47 min (Long-lasting intelligent flight battery, no wind environment 21.6 km/h at constant speed)
Flight Distance
Strong interference (urban centers): approx. 1.5 to 3 km 
Medium interference (suburban county): approx. 3 to 7 km 
No interference(distant suburbs/sea): approx. 7 to 12 km
Maximum wind resistance
10.7 m/s (Class 5 wind)
1/1.3-inch image sensor 
Up to 48 effective megapixels
Drone Battery
Intelligent flight battery/Long-lasting intelligent flight battery
Capacity: 2453 mAh/3850 mAh
Weight: ≈80.5g/≈121g
Nominal voltage: 7.38V
Limit voltage: 8.5V
Type: Li-ion
Charging Time
Intelligent flight battery:64 minutes (DJI 30W USB -C charger, via the drone body);56 minutes (with DJI 30W USB-C charger, via DJI Mini3 Pro Two-Way Charge Manager. 
Long-lasting intelligent flight battery:101 minutes (DJI 30W USB-C charger, charging through the drone body) ;78minutes (using DJI 30W USB-C charger, charged via DJI Mini 3 Pro Two-Way Charge Manager).
Remote Control
Size(L*W*H): 168.4*123.7*62.7mm
Weight: ≈390g
Endurance time: 4 h/6 h
Charging time: 1.5 h/2 h
Screen: Yes/No

Mini 3 Pro RC-N1

Includes DJI RC-N1 remote control without screen, with the use of cell phones, you can view the shooting screen and flight status in real time.

Mini 3 Pro RC

Including the new DJI RC, a remote control with a 5.5-inch high-definition display that presents a clear image even in direct sunlight

Mini 3 Pro

Not equipped with remote control, if you have RC or RC-N1 remote control, you can use it with.

Details Images

Easy to fly     Free to shoot
The Mini 3 Pro's ultra-lightweight body features a foldable design for easy storage that fits in your pocket, and weighs less than 249 grams for quick takeoff in most countries without registration or training. Take it on the go and shoot when you want.

Endurance strength
The standard Mini 3 Pro smart flight battery lasts up to 34 minutes, which is enough to complete most aerial photography scenes, so you can enjoy the creative process lightly.
The long-lasting Smart Flight battery is also available, giving you 47 minutes of flight time and plenty of space for framing and composition to explore the world. Say goodbye to battery anxiety and enjoy your flight more.

Hold the big game
With DJI O3 flagship digital image transmission, 1080p/30fps highest real-time image quality and 12km longest transmission distance, all together. Whether you are shooting cityscapes or exploring in the wild, you can fly steady and see clearly.

Mobile Fast Transfer
Support Wi-Fi high-speed download, the highest speed up to 25MB/s, instant transfer, efficiency first.

Product Usage

[1] The product weight may vary due to different material batches and other reasons, please refer to the actual product; the product is exempt from registration in some countries or regions, please check and confirm the local laws and regulations. The above data is measured under the latest firmware version, please pay attention and keep the current firmware to the latest version to get the best performance. Please check, confirm and strictly comply with local laws and regulations before flying.
[2] Maximum horizontal flight speed is limited by local regulations and dynamics, so please comply with local laws and regulations when actually flying.
[3] The increased weight of the aircraft will affect the flight power. x Be careful to avoid underpowered situations.
[4] Due to local policies and regulations, the 5.8 GHz band will be automatically disabled when activating the product in Japan, Russia, Israel, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, etc. Please use the 2.4 GHz band to fly in the above mentioned locations, please check and follow the local regulations for details.
[5] This data was measured in a low-interference lab environment in countries or regions that support both 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz bands, and the material was stored on an SD card or in the built-in storage space, so actual download rates are subject to actual experience.
[6] The above data is measured under various scenarios with typical interference strength and no blocking environment using FCC standard, and does not promise the actual flight distance, and is only for users to use for flight distance reference.

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Company Introduction

ADT(Air Digital Technology)is a China-based company that specializes in unmanned aircraft systems.
We manufacture and distribute a wide range of drones for civilian use, including aerial photography, agriculture, construction, transportation, energy, and public safety.
ADT is known for its advanced technology and reliable products, and has a strong presence in the drone industry.
Additionally, ADT aims to liberate human labor with technology.

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