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KRB-106 Copper (Alloy) Cleaning Agent

1. Introduction
KRB-106 copper (alloy) cleaning agent is mainly composed of high-quality surface active agents, penetrants, corrosion inhibitors, special cleaning aids, deionized water, etc., with strong cleaning and decontamination functions and long service life. It does not contain heavy metals, nitrites, and other components that pollute the environment. It can effectively protect the surface of the cleaned material from erosion while cleaning, and can be completely biodegradable.

2. Purpose
Suitable for removing dirt such as animal and vegetable oil, mineral oil, dust, hand sweat, and organic matter from the surfaces of copper materials such as brass, red copper, bronze, and their alloys.

3. Main performance
☆ It has extremely strong penetration, dispersion, solubilization, and emulsification effects.
☆ Fast decontamination and oil removal, with good cleaning ability for grease and dirt. Long service life, good corrosion inhibition, and no corrosion to the substrate.
☆ Complete dissolution, convenient operation, long service life, antistatic, easy to rinse.
☆ Green, environmental friendly, universal, efficient, safe, and economical.

4. Main Technical Indicators
Product Name/Model KRB-106 Copper (Alloy) Cleaning Agent
Appearance (stock solution) Outlook colorless to light yellow transparent liquid, without odor
Physical stability No precipitation, delamination, crystallization
Density (g/cm3) 1.05 ± 0.05
Material compatibility test
PH value pH value (original liquid) 10.5~13.5 (5% concentration)
Biodegradability Completely biodegradable

5. Usage
☆ When using this product, you should carefully read the product manual and use it under the guidance of professional personnel. The cleaning method can be immersion, ultrasonic cleaning, etc. Can be cleaned at room temperature to 50 ℃.
☆ When using, it is necessary to adjust the concentration of the cleaning solution according to the severity of oil contamination. Generally, dilute the original solution by 20 times, and prepare a cleaning solution with a concentration of 5% for use. When manually wiping and cleaning, the cleaning agent concentration is relatively higher.
☆ Processing process: copper workpiece → degreasing and cleaning → rinsing 2-3 times → drying → inspection → finished product.

6. Precautions
☆ Adjust the concentration of the cleaning fluid according to the degree of oil contamination, and thoroughly rinse the cleaned workpiece.
☆ Timely remove the floating oil on the surface of the tank liquid to avoid secondary pollution.
☆ The cleaning workpiece should not overlap each other, and the cleaning agent working liquid should be added regularly every day (the proportion concentration is generally recommended to be 5%, which can be adjusted appropriately according to the oil contamination situation). If the cleaning capacity cannot reach the original level after being supplemented, it can be discarded and replaced with a new liquid.
☆ Do not bring this product into contact with the eyes. If it accidentally splashes into the eyes, you can lift the eyelids and rinse them with flowing water or physiological saline; Do not swallow this product. If swallowed accidentally, immediately induce vomiting, maintain a resting state, and provide timely medical care.
☆ To prevent excessive skin degreasing, wear chemical resistant gloves during operation.

7. Wastewater treatment
☆ Necessary treatment shall be carried out for the waste liquid, which shall be discharged after reaching the standard or neutralized and then incorporated into the urban and regional chemical sewage system for centralized treatment before reaching the standard.
☆ Waste liquid cannot be discharged into natural water systems and sewers. Please refer to relevant national and local regulations before disposal.

8. Packaging and storage
☆ Packaging: 25kg/plastic bucket; 200kg/plastic bucket.
☆ Storage: Sealed and stored in a cool, dry and ventilated place, with a shelf life of 2 years.


Copper ultrasonic cleaning
Model number
colorless to light yellow transparent liquid, without odor
Packing specification
Mode of operation
ultrasonic cleaning
Operating temperature
Hazardous chemicals
Grade standard
Industrial grade

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