2023 новый закрытый короткий Боулинг мини боулинг машина для занятий спортом в помещении (1600836050260)

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Product Overview


Mini Bowling Equipment

Products Description

2 lanes parameters
4 lanes parameters
Maximum power : 2100W
Power : 4200W
Standby power : 400W
Standby power : 800W

Pull rope type - bottle discharger
For recreational bowling alleys, the pull-cord pinning machine
is a more sensible choice than the traditional pinning machine.

Intelligent rope release program
Intelligent rope release, no trouble of entanglement, 8 seconds to retract the bottle,You can throw the ball the moment you take the ball and turn around.

Ball supply structure
Graphite copper sleeve - no refueling low wear "0" maintenance.Passive bearing integrated design,and imported bearings from Germany,smooth and durable for 10 years.

Imported light eye
Induction components are purchased directly from Japanese/German manufacturers. Accurate and trouble-free counting.

How to play it?

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