Made in China water based rust inhibitor steel rust inhibitor Antirust agent Medium and long term rust inhibitor

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Product Overview


Product Description

KRB-6 is one of the new products developed by our company for the anti-rust treatment of steel surfaces. After treatment with this product a dense protective film can be formed on the steel surface. It effectively inhibits the formation of micro cells on the metal surface or the oxidation of air. The product is non-toxic, tasteless, corrosion resistant, easy to use and has a significant anti-rust effect. It is the product of choice for medium and long term sealing of steel workpieces and for rust prevention treatment after descaling.


Light yellow liquid
Density (g/ml)
1.25 - 1.28
PH value
Soaking, spraying or painting
Preparation of anti-rust working fluid
According to the length of time required to prevent rust, the original liquid or water can be diluted 1-5 times and stirred well for use. Dilute 1 times with water (1:1) to prevent rust for half a year to about 1 year. The original liquid can be used to prevent rust for 1-2 years.
Treatment procedure
Oil and rust removal → neutralisation → washing → rust prevention → drying
Treatment conditions
PH>8 Temperature: 10-40℃ Processing time: 1-5min
Workpiece placement environment
Prevent rain and water erosion, ventilated and dry place.
Supplement and adjustment
When the PH value of the working fluid is less than 8, it should be appropriately supplemented so that the PH value is greater than 8

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