NON GMO sugar free magnesium glycinat gummies improved sleep quality muscle joint bone support soft candy magnesium gummies (1600843227561)

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Product name
Magnesium gummies
60 Gummies/bottles
Magnesium, potassium, sodium, calcium, vitamin D, vitamin B6, coenzyme Q10,etc.
10 bottles
165 bottles/carton, or according to customer demand
Shelf life
24 months
storage method
Store in a cool dry place

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Guangdong YiHua Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has 3 powerful companies! Focus on the R&D and production of food, consumption, health, and makeup products, and have a professional R&D and sales team; constantly introduce new technologies and grasp fashion trends,and strive to launch a new generation of products to ensure a competitive advantage in the market.

▲The company is committed to forming a comprehensive entity enterprise integrating production, agency, sales and franchise

▲Product cover: physical stores, OTC, e-commerce, micro-commerce, direct sales, live broadcast, etc.

Source manufacturer 100,000-level purification workshop Independent research and development and production, formula effects can be customized

OEM/OMD one-stop OEM cooperation mode:
1.You can use your brand, and we will contract labor and materials for you to OEM production
2. It can be customized according to the sample (or formula) you provide
3. You can provide the raw materials yourself, and we will produce it for you
4. You can use your outer packaging box and the inner product to complete it
5. You can customize the independent outer packaging box with our company's brand to ensure that the product is sold exclusively
6. The product formulations are complete to meet the various needs of customers
7. All raw materials are selected from domestic trusted manufacturers to ensure product quality from the source
8.Complete inspection equipment to meet product routine and factory inspection requirements
9. Reasonable price to meet customers' different pricing and quantitative needs
10. Complete qualifications to satisfy customers' market development work
11.Special-person documentary service to ensure smooth cooperation and communication
Company Address: Room 702, ChuangyinghuiCommercial Office Building, Huadu District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province

contact us:
Sales manager: jim
Whatsapp: +8613699706080

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