TPV TPR, полимерное сырье, антистатическое полимерное термостарение, гранулы TPO

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TPV TPR Resin Plastic Raw Material Anti-static PPE Polymer Thermal Aging TPO Granules:
PPO Plastic Raw Material has the excellent characteristics of physical mechanical properties, heat resistance, and electrical insulation. It is famous among the engineering thermoplastics for its low water absorption rate, high hardness, excellent dimensional stability and anti-creeping under high temperature. 


PPO Plastic Raw Material

in Automobile Field

Reinforced Grade

High Rigidity Dimensional Stability 

Temperature Resistance Grade

Maximum Temperature 110°C Good Toughness Anti-hydrolysis 

Maximum Temperature 120°C Good Toughness Anti-hydrolysis

Special Grade

Low Gloss Scratch Resistance

Good Flow ability Good Toughness

PPO/PA66 Alloy

Super Toughness Spray able 

High Rigidity Impact Resistance 

PPO Plastic Raw Material

in Electronic & 
Electrical Field

Flame-retardant Grade

Glass-fiber Reinforced High Rigidity 

Maximum Temperature100°C 
Flame-retardance Good Toughness

Maximum Temperature 100°C Flame-retardance Good Toughness

Maximum Temperature 100°C Flame-retardance Good Flow ability

Maximum Temperature 120°C Flame-retardance High Rigidity

PPO Plastic Granules

in Water Treatment Field

Reinforced Grade


Temperature Resistance Grade

Maximum Temperature 100°C Anti-hydrolysis Good Toughness

Maximum Temperature 100°C Anti-hydrolysis Toughness & Rigidity balanced  

Maximum Temperature 130°C Anti-hydrolysis High Rigidity

PPO Plastic Raw Material

in Medical Equipment Field

Special Grade

Gamma sterilization Resistance UV-stability

Steam sterilization Resistance Maximum Temperature 120°C

Special Grade  Anti-bacterial



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