Газовый хроматограф biobase BK GC7820 с функцией компенсации двойной столбец газовый хроматограф 5,7 ЖК дисплей для лаборатории

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Product Overview


Product Description

Gas Chromatograph BK-GC7820

1. 5.7-inch LCD display indicates temperature, time and gas flow.
2. Self-test, power protection, keyboard lock, automatic ignition and anti-power mutation interference function.
3. Can connect with Internet, realize data transfer and program upgrade automatically.
4. Equipped with a flame ionization detector. Can install3 detectors at the same time.
5. Can install packed column and capillary column at the same time
6. Double column compensation function, which can effectively restrain baseline drift and thein fluence of background noise.
7. Large capacity oven (300*280*180mm) can hold 2 pcs 0.32mm diameter capillary column (length: 80m).
8. Better thermal insulation effect: when the temp. of oven, vaporizing chamber and detector reach 300℃, the max. temp. of outer chamber is 40℃.
9. With chromatography workstation software to process data.

Product Parameters

Temp. Range
Temp. Accuracy
Temp. Program
Max. Temp. Heating Rate
Hydrogen Flame Ionization Detector
Detection limit:≤3×10-12g/s
Baseline drift:≤1x10-13A/30min
Linear range:≥107
ThermalConductivityDetector (Optional)
Sensitivity: >10000mv.ml/mg
(Sample: n-hexadecane)
Linear range:≥105
Electron Capture Detector (Optional)
Detection limit:≤1×10-14g/ml
(Sample:n-hexadecane δ-666)
Linear range: ≥104
Flame Photometric Detector (Optional)
Detection limit:≤2×10-11g/s(S ofthiophene)
Detection limit:≤1×10-12g/s(P ofmethyl parathion)
Linear range (S): ≥103
Linear range (P): ≥104
Nitrogen and Phosphorus Detector (Optional)
Detection limit:≤1×10-12g/s(Azobenzene)
Detection limit:≤1×10-12g/s(Marla sulfur phosphorous)
Linear range: ≥103
Power Supply
AC110/220V±10%, 50/60Hz
Standard Accessory
detector, Chromatography workstation software
Optional Accessory
Sample injection system, Chromatographic column.
Package Size (W*D*H)
Gross Weight

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Package: Wooden Box and Carton(with pallet)
1~7 workdays
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