small soap plodder extruder machine mini soap making machines/Toilet laundry soap production line

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Soap Making Machine, soap forming plant
This soap plant is use neat soap(soap noodle) as raw materials, capacity is 100-300kg/h. After mixing, grinding, vacuum extruderand print-cutter, this machinery can produce of fatty acids in 35-60% of the high-grade soap. The soap equipment adopts double screw vacuum plodder machine, it can make the soap compact, not easy to cracking.

Main equipment: mixing machine, three roller grinding machine, vacuum stripping machine, soap printer, freezer, conveyor belt, control cabinet, etc

Features of Laundry Soap Making Machines :
1. The finishing lines of Series for Laundry or toilet and translucent soap bring together all components that are most reliable,
most durable, supplied by the most famous vendors in the world.
2. The mechanical design is tend to be simplified, more robust, low energy consumption, low off-stream rate, easy to be maintained,more people oriented and with good view both outside and inside of the machines.

This set of equipment can produce both laundry soap, transparent soap and sweet soap.

Soap mixer machine
Soap mixing machine is used to mix various additives and soap particles to produce soap, stir well. Select domestic famous brand gear deceleration motor,long service life. The blades is installed in the direction of rotation,which is conducive to fully
breaking and mixing the soap. There are discharge door at the bottom,which are controlled by the cylinder or manual and used for discharging after mixing and kneading.
Soap Roll mill machine
Used to mill soap particles and various auxiliary materials more evenly and to improve the density and quality of soap.The machine in the horizontal direction is assambled three roller shafts,through different speeds of extrusion and grinding,the raw materials are ground twice,grinding fineness 3-18 um. The roller is made of high quality alloy material.
Single plodder machine
The plodder machine is to make those mix and grind the soap pieces,thin strips,soap powder and other soap raw materials into a continuous soap bar for printer printing. This machine adopts single worm strip shaft,driven by frequency conversion speed
regulating motor, wide range of speed regulation,can be well matched with printing. The outlet is provided with electric temperature control Heating device to ensure that the soap has a certain internal strength and good appearance quality.

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