Разноразмерный диаметр dsa 29,5 мм с платиновым покрытием круглый титановый электродный сетчатый анод для водорода

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Product Overview


Products Description

Product Name
Variety Size of dsa diameter 29.5mm platinum coated round titanium electrode mesh anode for hydrogen
Titanium Grade 1, Titanium Grade 2

1. Ruthenium-Titanium Anode   
2. Ruthenium-Iridium Titanium Anode 
3. Iridium-Tantalum Titanium Anode
4. Iridium-Tantalum-Tin Titanium Anode
5. Iridium-Platinum Titanium Anode
6. Platinum Titanium Anode
7. Lead dioxide Titanium Anode  
Plate/Mesh/Tube/Rod/Wire/Disc or Customized as the design drawing
Sand blasting, Acid Washing, Coating Brushing, High Temperature Sintering, Annealing

Working Principle
H2O=OH- +H+
Cathode: H++e=H2H++2eH2↑2H7O+2e=2OH-+H3 2H++e= H2↑
Anode:4OH-4e=2H3O++O2↑2H2O-4e=4H++O2↑ 4OH-4e=2H2O+O2↑

Working Equipment
1.Water ionizer
2.Water electrolysis
3. The reaction on the anode and cathode of water electrolysis etc

High current efficiency property
High catalytic property
Lasting working life
Light weight electrodes
Keep the operating voltage stable
Produce NaClO & Chlorine with high efficiency
Water ionizer, alkaline & Acidic water production, deionized water in cosmetic,
disinfection, clean etc.

1. Titanium anode also called MMO anode, DSA & Insoluble anode
2. Titanium Cathode also be provided
3.  Sample Order could be provided

Production Process


Chlorine dissect use DSA anode
1. Sodium chlorate production
2. Sodium hypochlorous production
3. Electrolyze to exact nonferrous metal
4. Seawater electrolysis
5. Caustic soda production etc
Oxygen dissect use DSA anode
1. Electrodialysis
2. Continuous production of tinsel
3.Organic electrolysis
4. Industrial plating
5. Cathode protection etc

Functional Electrode
1. Industrial plating
2. Electrolysis oxidation
3. Steel plate plating in iron and steel industry
4. Acid-base ionic water generator

Quality Feedback

All shipped order we have sales specialist to follow our titanium anode quality.
Much better titanium anode solution for clients's application is our final working goal.

How To Order

Our Test

Our Test for Titanium Anode includes below:
Accelerated Life Test, Coating Thickness Test,Coating composition test,Conduct electricity conductivity testing ,Surface roughness test, Helium Leak Detection Test, Contact Resistance Test, Electrochemical Performance Test and other test.

More Anode


1. Q: Do you have XX model titanium anode?
A: Our titanium anode are all customized, so there are no models, according to your exact drawing, nearly any shape and size we could produce.

2. Q: Can you produce the anode for our XX equipment/generator?
A: Yes, we can.But different clients have different equipment/generator, and need different anode size,so your anode drawing is required.

3. Q: Which coating anode is suitable for me?
A: Your industry please. According to your application environment, we will give you professional advice.

4. Q: How about the anode working current and voltage?
A: Titanium anode could be used for many industries, different industries have different suitable current and voltage take the following into consideration:
The suitable environment for our titanium anode:
Current density: bellow 2000A/M2
Temperature: 40-60℃
There mustn't be any fluorine and cyanide ions in the electrolyte

5. Q: How about the titanium anode lifetime?
A: The titanium anode lifetime for different industry aren't the same, half year to 50 years, according to your exact industry and environment, we will give you the guaranteed lifetime.

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