High Quality SAMYON Geophysical Equipment Price Physical Detection Instrument Proton Magnetometer Geophysics (1600863997285)

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Product Overview


PM-2 Proto Magnetometer

Product Description

PM-2 proto magnetometer uses the operating principle of proton precession to measure the total absolute value of Earth-magnetic zone.It can work in two modes:


1.Single point mode:Only one sensor is used to detect the total absolute value of earth-magnetic zone where the sensor is.
2.Automatic mode:Only one sensor is used in automatic mode,which can start the instrument at set time and automatically do measure work by a fixed time interval repeatedly.The starting time and time interval can be set by software.This function is mainly used for daily change correction.

Range of Application

1.Mineral exploration,iron ore,lead zinc ore,copper ore,etc.
2.Cooperate with mineral survey,research on buried depth,attitude and continuity of mineral ore,research on shape and size of mineral ore,estimate the scale of mineral deposit
3.Exploration of petroleum,natural gas, research on geological structure and geo-structure in connection with gas/oil
4.Reconnaissance survey, detail survey ,geologic mapping
5.Surface daily change station of geomagnetic survey of aviation and ocean
6.Fault location
9.Engineering survey,pipeline detection,etc.
10.Monitor the earthquake precursors,volcano survey,other environmental and isastrous-geological work.
11.Detection of minor-scale ferromagnetic body,etc.

Main Features

1.Used for measuring the total field of the terrestrial magnetic field and gradient measurement(horizontal gradient or vertical gradient,special probe and probe rack are needed.)
2.Equip with external GPS,used to store the coordinate figure of the survey station.
3.Used for both field work and base station measure.
4.Built-in real time clock,measurements are stored with sampling instant.Even timing measure and storage can also be realized.
5.Large screen display,Chinese interface,automatic diaplay of the magnetic field intensity,easy to operate.
6.Both full scale automatic tuning and manual tuning.
7.The whole system is equipped with backpack and braces so that the measure work can be finished by single.
8.Two kinds of computer interface:USB,RS-232C
9.Professional geologic software used to protract isoclines map,profile map and so on.
10.Memory 240,000 measuring point with the function of blackout protection.
11.Hard aluminum alloy shell,special water joint,adaptable in harsh environment,waterproof and quakeproof Timing monitoring of signal quality,the decline of signal quality can be detected in time so that redressing action is adopted.

Technical Standards

Measure Range
Gradient range
Data Memory
200,000 reading
Storage time
10 years
320*240 LCD
Computer interface
USB Port directly used as U disk (directly driven inWIN XP)
Built-in 4AH rechargeable lithium battery
Console Size
Sensor Size
Diameter 70mm,Length 140mm
Console weight
1.9kg,including battery
Sensor weight
Temperature range

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