Good Quality Anti theft Pull Box For Interactive Retail Security Display On Sale

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Factory Direct Sale Tocvue Security Anti-theft Pull Box Cable Retractor TPS4416 With Rope Loop In Stock
The Tocvue TPS4416 Retractable Anti-Theft Recoiler Pull Box can be used in a variety of applications ranging from product positioning and theft deterrence at point of retail stores, to electronic equipment wire harnessing and counterbalance. It is also useful for providing support for signage as well as product or parts feeding. To give an example, the device can often be seen in retail stores such as Wal-Mart where it is used for displaying electronic products or other items on sale.

Features of Anti Theft Pull Box
- Protects merchandise from theft 
- Attaches to the item or items to be protected 
- Automatically retracts when the item is taken from the store 
- Makes it more difficult for the thief to escape with the merchandise


Retractable Anti Theft Pull Box
Merchandise Anti Theft For Retail Display 
Tether type
Product fixing type
Box Size
Box Material
ABS plastic
 Black /White
Cord Diameter
Cord Length
Cord Material
Stainless steel
3M stickers & Lasso Screw Driver
Tail Type
6 types for choice

What is a retractable anti theft pull box?
A retractable anti theft pull box is a device that is used to prevent theft of valuable items such as cash, jewelry, or electronics. The device is designed to be placed in a area where it cannot be easily seen or reached, such as behind a door or under a bed. The box is then connected to a fixed object such as a bed frame or door using a cable. The other end of the cable is then secured to the item that you wish to protect. When the device is activated, the cable will automatically retract, making it difficult or impossible for the thief to remove the item.

How are the Retractable Product Tethers supplied?
Our Retractable Product Tethers come with a variety of options. Options include our square, teardrop, and semi disc shapes. The semi disc shape has a looped end that can be used to securely hold small items such as sunglasses. Meanwhile, the square and teardrop models have adhesive circles on the metal ends that allow it to attach securely to products. A standard allen key is included with every Retractable Product Tether in order to adjust the length of the cord to best suit your needs.

How do I fix the retractable security tether onto my surface?
The best way to attach a security pull box to any surface is by using the adhesive strip on the back of the box. Or,
alternatively, you can use screws if there are pre-drilled holes . When attaching with adhesive backing, it's recommended that you allow 12 hours for full adhesion.

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