Прямая Продажа с фабрики, дешевые прозрачные комплектующие для бытовой техники материалы, АБС PA 758 пластиковая смола

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Product Overview


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Product Description

ABS granules is one of the five synthetic resin, its impact resistance, heat resistance, low temperature resistance, chemical
resistance and excellent electrical properties, but also has easy processing and products good size stability, surface gloss, easy
painting, coloring, also can undertake surface spraying, electroplating, metal welding, hot pressing and adhesion and other
secondary processing, Widely used in machinery, automobile, electronic appliances, instrumentation, textile and construction and
other industrial fields, is a very wide range of thermoplastic engineering plastics. Acrylonitrile - butadiene - styrene copolymer
is a terpolymer composed of acrylonitrile, butadiene and styrene. Acrylonitrile - Butadiene - Styrene Copolymer, ABS for short.
ABS is usually light yellow or milky white granular non - crystalline resin. ABS is one of the most widely used engineering


The material performance:
1. good comprehensive performance, high impact strength, chemical stability, good electrical performance;
2. and 372 plexiglass fusion is good, made of two-color plastic parts, and can be surface chrome plating, paint processing;
3. with high impact resistance, high heat resistance, flame retardant, reinforcement, transparency and other levels;
4. fluidity is less than HIPS, better than PMMA, PC, good flexibility;
5. suitable for the production of general mechanical parts, wear - resistant parts, transmission parts and telecommunications parts


1.Film grade is widely used in the production of packing bag, film and so on.
2.Blow molding grade for making various bottles, cans, tanks , barrels Injection-molding grade is for making food cases, plastic
trays, goods containers.
3.Blow film product:Foodstuff packing bag,groceries shopping bags, chemical fertilizer
lined with film, etc
4.Extruded product: Pipe,tube mainly used in gas transportation, public water and chemicals
transport, such as building materials, gas pipe, hot water drain pipe etc: sheet material is
mainly used in the seat, suitcase, handling containers.

Product packaging

1.Packing: 25kg/pp bag
2.Storage: The resin should be stored in a drafty, dry warehouse and away from fire and direct sunlight. It should not be piled up in the open air.
3.Transportation: During transportation, the product should not be exposed to strong sunlight or rain and should not be transported together with sand, soil, scrap metal, coal or glass. Transportation together with toxic, corrosive and flammable substance is strictly prohibited.

Our Products

We can supply POM, GPPS, PVC, HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, HIPS, PLA, EVA,PBSA and other plastic granules.
The quality is guaranteed.


1. Delivery time:
a. For the stock items, we can arrange the shipment within 2~3 days after received your payment.
b. For the customized items, we will indicate the delivery time in the quotation list.

2. MOQ & Shipping :
a. Full containers by sea
b. Small quantity(>25kg), by air or by LCL or by Express as your requirement

3. Payment term:
a. Small quantity recommend West Union
b. Full containers recommend T/T or L/C

4. How is the charge for sample? Please feel free to negotiate with us.

5. Can you give warranty of your products?
Yes, we extend a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all items. Please feel free to provide timely feedback if you're not satisfied with our Quality and Service. For the overseas orders, if there is a quality problem, please kindly to provide the pictures to show the problem by e-mail.

6. Can I visit your factory?
Sure, warmly welcome. If you have visiting plan, please contact us to make an appointment in advance.

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