JNBAN Extraction And Concentrator equipment Lab Small Extraction machine

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JNBAN Extraction And Concentrator equipment Lab Small Extraction machine

Products Description

Product Application:
This herbal extraction and concentration machine is used to doing concentrate for extract liquid, plant, animal, foodstuff and chemical material. Especially suitable for small or medium sized factory, experiment factory, hospital, scientific department to develop new , the new extract technology and concentrate,. Users can choose steam heating or electrical heating.

Multi-function Hot Reflux Extrator and Concentrator
1. This machine include extractor, eternal evaporator and other auxiliary parts, tight structure, easy operation, it include extraction, concentration, and recovery solvent together.
2. This machine includes many function, it can be used for water extraction and alcohol extraction, it can get essential oil under normal pressure and negative pressure,it includes vacuum exchanger and control box, easy operation, it can be extracted and concentrated normal temperature and low temperature.
3. The oil and water separator includes two glass, so the oil can be separated well.
4. When extraction, adopt liquid high-level flowing back way for concentration, the evaporation distilled water return to extractor for continuous extraction, the whole flowing back extraction needs about 4-6hours. Reduce the loss of steam, solvent and operating time.
5. The recovery alcohol can be directly used for mixing tank, or can be used for extractor again.

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Computer Controlled:
Adopt the PLC main-machine interface, vacuum converted timing ect, also it can setup the temperature controlled, vacuum controlled, density controlled and production original recording printing device.

Lower Costs:
The all right equipment of aircrew simplifies, washed the convenient, the whole closed operation, has no environmental pollution,compared with necessary equipment of traditional craft, the equipment reduces by 1/3, the occupation of land reduces by 2/3,investment can save by 40%, energy consumption can be reduced by 40%, the attendant reduces by 1/3, so the production cost can be reduced by about 50%.

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Herbal Project
Herbal Project
Essential Oil Project

Essential Oil Project
Herbal Project
CBD Oil Project


Q1:What Factors Affect The Quality Of Plant Extract From Plant Extraction Machine?
The quality of the plant extract may directly or indirectly be proportional to the following factors:
●Raw material; Pay specific attention to the variety of the plant because even the slightest variation could shift the extract
quality.Even the particular plant variety would be affected by climatic conditions, geographical locations, cultivations, and so on.
Unluckily, finding the balance between the specific needs is quite challenging.As such, we are guaranteeing quality with the raw materials is hectic.
●Quality of the solvent; Having the best choice solvent would result in high-quality extract and vice versa.●Selected plant
extraction machine; The operating principle and operation hugely determine the quality level of the extract.

So you have to pay attention to the machine specification.
It is prudent to buy from a reputable seller with years of experience and quality.

Q2:What Heat Sources can you Employ for your Machine?
● Steam
● Hot water
● Hot oil

Q3:Purchasing process
●Consultation, test, technical scheme determination, business negotiation, contract.

Q4:How long is the guarantee period
●1 year after finishing installation and commissioning.

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