Wholesale original German AUTOSOL metal polishing paste rubbing copper paste grinding paste Wheel polishing (1600868900992)

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Product Overview


Product Description

Product origin
German raw materials
China Filling
Brand Name
Mass finishing polishing
Metal Polish Cream
Used for various tools, molds, mechanical measurements, fitness equipment Rapid polishing, cleaning, and long-term protection of
the surface of metal or copper products such as ships
Copper, stainless steel, gemstone polished

Gold and silver polishing cream
Reduce the fading caused by oxidation of precious metals, and maintain gold, silver, and other precious metals
Scratch removal cream(100g/75ml)
Quickly remove minor scratches on paint and plastic surfaces while leaving a shiny protective film

Acrylic polishing cream(100g/75ml)
Remove acrylic scratches, fogging, and yellowing, as well as general scratches on acrylic parts of automobiles, motorcycles, and headlights
Copper water (200ml)
Clean the surface of copper, silver, stainless steel, etc. to restore brightness, form a resistant oil film after use, and suppress the generation of stains

Plastic cleaning paste (100g/75ml)
Used for different plastic surfaces, cleaning while protecting plastic parts, restoring their own color, and preventing embrittlement and graying
Plating polishing paste (100g/75ml)
Effectively clean without damaging the coating, widely used in various plating products, including colored parts.

Material polishing paste (100g/75ml)
Maintenance of materials, alloy products, steel tools, small components, hotel facilities, and household utensils
Non inducing steel polishing paste
Widely used for maintenance of transportation equipment, industrial molds, hotel facilities, shopping mall facilities, and household appliances

Grade Polishing Cream (100g/75ml)
Polishing of metal tableware, cookware, cupware, and other items
Leather polishing paste (100g/75ml)
Smooth leather, light rubber, synthetic leather, leather clothing, leather bags


1. Can the polished and drawn metal surfaces be polished??
Answer: The metal surface that needs to be polished needs to be originally smooth and flat. If the metal itself is sanded or pulled, polishing tools such as sandpaper are needed to polish it to a mirror surface. The use of polishing paste will not damage the metal surface process. But it can play a role in restoration, cleaning, and protection.

2.Can the electroplating layer of the plastic shell be polished??
Answer: Yes. Compared to common household products, such as car front grille, car logo, bathroom hanger, and shower head, it is easy to achieve cleaning, restoration, and brightening effects.

3.Can scratches be removed??
Answer: Shallow ones are acceptable, deep ones are not. Here is a judgment standard: if scratches affect the surface brightness of metal like small hairs, the brightness will be significantly improved after being wiped by polishing paste. If the scratches are deep and there are visible grooves, grooves, channels, or pits under sunlight reflection, it is necessary to fill them with soil and electroplate them again, or a professional grinder to flatten them again.

4. Can colored coatings such as bag zippers, belt buckles, and steel spoons be used??
Answer: Yes. Many of our luxury care stores purchase our products year-round, and high-quality metal hardware is fine. However, if the coating is thin, be careful not to let it expand when wiping. If the coating has already peeled, cracked, or deteriorated, it is recommended not to use it. Some thinner paint skins that look like coatings are also not recommended for use.


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