Низкая цена, Интеллектуальный трехфазный многофункциональный анализатор качества питания (1600869477839)

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Product Overview


Product Description

The multifuncional power quality analyzer is a three-phase, multi-function, intelligent, and simple comprehensive test instrument specially developed for on-site testing. The intelligent three phase power quality analyzer is easy to use, large LCD color screen display, high resolution, bilingual operation interface in Chinese and English, and vibration-proof structure shell.

The power quality logger can measure 4 currents (ABC three-phase and neutral wire current),4 voltages (ABC three-phase voltage and neutral wire-to-ground voltage), the peak value of current and voltage, the maximum and minimum values within period of time, three-phase current Balance, short-term voltage flicker, transformer K factor, active power, reactive power, apparent power, power factor,displacement power factor, active energy, reactive energy, apparent energy, harmonic ratio, total harmonic distortion, display,current and voltage real-time waveforms, phasor diagrams, and harmonic ratio bar graphs; dynamically capture instantaneous changes in voltage and current, monitor starting current, monitor various power parameters and generate alarm events list, record test data fora long time and generate trend curves Picture and other various functions.


* Real-time monitoring of power quality parameters
* Reports and charts can be provided
* Improve the reliability and stability of the power grid
* Power quality analysis, diagnosis of grid quality
* Remote monitoring, real time monitor power quality
* Failure early warning, detection of potential equipment failures
* Can record historical data to facilitate analysis and prediction of power quality change trends
* Automatic alarm, automatically send an alarm signal when the power quality is abnormal
* Optimize grid operation, reduce energy consumption, and improve grid efficiency


40-70Hz / 0.01Hz / ±0.03Hz
True RMS Voltage
1.0-1000V / 0.1 / ±(0.5%+5dgt)
True RMS Line Voltage
1.0-2000V / 0.1 / ±(0.5%+5dgt)
DC Voltage
1.0-1000V / 0.1 / ±(1.0%+5dgt)
True RMS Current
10mA-9000A / 1mA / ±(0.5%+5dgt)
Phase Voltage Peak
1.0-1414V / 0.1 / ±(1.0%+5dgt)
Neutral Line voltage Peak
1.0-2828V / 0.1 / ±(1.0%+5dgt)
Current Peak
10mA-12727A / 1mA / ±(1.0%+5dgt)
1.0~3.99 / 0.01 / ±(1%+2dgt)
4~9.99 / 0.01 / ±(5%+2dgt)
Active Power
0.000W-9000.0kW / 0.001W / ±(1%+3dgt)@PF>0.8
0.000W-9000.0kW / 0.001W / ±(1.5%+10dgt)@0.2
Reactive Power, inductive or
0.000Var-9000.0kVar / 0.001Var / ±(1%+3dgt)@PF<-0.5
0.000Var-9000.0kVar / 0.001Var / ±(1.5%+10dgt)@-0.5
Apparent Power
0.000VA-9000.0kVA / 0.001VA / ±(1%+3dgt)
Power Factor
-1.000~1.000 / 0.001 / ±(1.5%+3dgt)@PF>0.5
-1.000~1.000 / 0.001 / ±(1.5%+10dgt)@0.2
Active Electrical Energy
0.000Wh-9000.0MWh / 0.001Wh / ±(1%+3dgt)@PF>0.8
0.000Wh-9000.0MWh / 0.001Wh / ±(1.5%+10dgt)@0.2
Reactive Electrical Energy, Inductive or Capacitive
0.000Varh-9000.0MVarh / 0.001Varh / ±(1%+3dgt)@PF<-0.5
0.000Varh-9000.0MVarh / 0.001Varh / ±(1.5%+10dgt)@-0.5
Apparent Electrical Energy
0.000VAh-9000.0MVAh / 0.001VAh / ±(1%+3dgt)
Phase Angle
-179°~180° / 1° / ±2°
Tanφ (VA≥50VA)
-32.76~32.76 / 0.001 / φ:±1°
-1.000~1.000 / 0.001 / φ:±1°
Harmonic Ratio 1~50
0.0%~99.9% / 0.1% / ±(1%+5dgt)
Harmonic Angle
-179°~180° / 1° / ±3°@1-25th
-179°~180° / 1° / ±10°@26-50th
Total Harmonic
Ratio (THD or THDF)≤50
0.0%~99.9% / 0.1% / ±(1%+5dgt)
Distortion Factor
(DF or THD-R)≤50
0.0%~99.9% / 0.1% / ±(1%+10dgt)
Transformer K Factor
1.00~99.99 / 0.01 / ±5%
3 Phase Unbalance
0.0%~100% / 0.1% / ±1%
CT Turn Ratio
Expert mode
Total Harmonic distortion
√ Per phase
Number of Transient Record
150 groups
Voltage Flicker
Motor Starting Current detect
Three Phase Unbalance
960 days @1 second interval, 20 parameters each time
12800 groups of alarm records, 40 kinds of parameters are optional
Peak Value
Screenshot Capacity
Comm port
Withstand Voltage
1min @ 3700Vac/50Hz,Case to line
Safety Regulation
IEC-61010,CATIII 1000V/IEC61010-31/IEC61326
Display Mode
640*480, 5.6inch, 116x88mm
Device Mode
Instrument Weight
1.6kgs(with battery),
power adapter0.9kgs,
Packing size with protective box and transformer, <15KGS
9.6V lithium battery
Power Consumption
Fully charged for 8 hours
Built-in 2G memory card
Waveform real-time display
4 voltages/4 currents

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* Energy Metering and Billing
* Smart grid construction and operation
* Power system operation monitoring and analysis
* Industrial production equipment power quality monitoring and analysis
* Power quality improvement program design and implementation
* Power system installation and operation inspection
* Construction and operation monitoring of renewable energy power stations
* power quality monitoring and management

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