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There are countless "good tasting" waters in Japan, but most of them are soft water.
While soft water is refreshing and easy to drink, its weakness was its low mineral content.
Therefore, over a period of 10 years, we concentrated mineral-rich deep seawater and blended it with natural water from the foot of Mt. Koya, which has won the Monde Selection top gold medal for 12 consecutive years, to create Mineral power water "Chikara," with the taste, richness, smoothness and mineral balance of soft water.

Mineral Power Water "Chikara" is made from natural water at the foot of Mount Koya in Japan.
It is said that there are no active faults in the Kii Mountain Range, where Mt. Koya is located.
It is also a very steep and deep mountain range.
The geological strata there are believed to have been deposited since the Cretaceous Period about 100 million years ago.
In such a vast land of natural mountains and history.
The subsoil water, slowly filtered and polished, is so clean that it complies with the Waterworks Law even when pumped up.

By blending this with naturally concentrated minerals from deep sea water concentrated by our unique decompression distillation method, we have created a mineral water that is both delicious and rich, smooth and comfortable to drink, and mineral balanced.
Only one machine used to concentrate this mineral exists in Japan.
Therefore, this mineral water is unique.
This mineral water is used in sushi restaurants and high-end restaurants in Japan, and is widely valued for noodle making, baking, confectionery, and as a water for alcoholic beverages.

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Mineral power water "Chikara"
Mineral water
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We believe it is necessary to always stand in the consumer's shoes and develop products that will please everyone, and we will strive to foster a corporate culture that values a spirit of challenge and inquisitiveness at all times.
We are determined to make further efforts as a company that contributes to society for better dietary life.

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